Back in Action

The brief absence was my trip to the parent’s house, a suprise visit, actually.   I like to walk in the door like I had only gone to the grocery store, although I live six hours away and hadn’t been there in three months. 

My return was most exciting.  Waiting on my dining table was a box of yarn I had ordered from Knit Picks (which was paid for by a gift certificate from Mom).  The added bonus was the Rowan 42 and a US 1 12″ Addi circular, both from the hubby who ventured into Wild Fibre just for me, somebody give him a cookie and a hooker!

The “To Knit” list has just expanded exponentially.  I thought I had a long list from the Rowan 41, but this takes the cake.  Maybe it is because Fall is my favorite season, I long to where the cuddly wraps, cardigans, and sweaters, it’s the cuddle factor.  Also, anything Highlander is an added bonus. 

Currently on the sticks, however, is An Affair to Remember from Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt.  I did my cast on just last night, and as of right this moment, I’m over half way complete.  I project the skirt to be complete no later than Saturday.  We shall see.


I’m dyeing again


I enjoyed dyeing yarn.  This time, I gave hand painting yarns a whirl.  It was amazing.  Early on in my college career, I was a painting major, and yarn provides an excellent canvas. 

But perhaps you’ve heard enough of my jibble-jabble.  Here’s what I made.

Witching Hour


It’s for sale over in my Etsy shop, along with a few more images.  I’m really loving this color way, I called it Witching Hour.  I got the inspiration from that time of night, love the tones and dashes of color.

Is it Fall yet?

I feel like my body is ready for autumn.  So are all the cold weather knits I’ve finished since the spring.  I hate to see them sitting on the “knits” shelf in my closet, occasionally finding one or even both of my cats curled up on them.  At least they’re getting some use.

Fall means Christmas knitting.  I think as knitters, we have the right to think about Christmas so early.  Whereas the retail market attempts to sell their merry wares three weeks (or more) before Halloween, that just isn’t right.

I’m still under the impression that you shouldn’t put up x-mas decor until after Thanksgiving (or in my case, the first day of December).  Halloween is wonderful, and Thanksgiving, too, and I like to enjoy them without the obstruction of a jolly ol’ fat guy.  I don’t like when different foods touch on my plate.  There are boundaries; macaroni goes here, potatoes there, meat, and separate condiments… No touchy.  I think that’s how I like my holidays, too.

Hecate touched my yarn

Is it possible for yarn to be cursed?  If so, I have about ten balls of bad mojo in my workbasket.

I have made three different projects with it, only to frog each half way through (or on the second occasion, actually finishthe whole piece, just to rip it later).  The most recent rip… last night, the Meg Swansen stocking. 

It does not want to be knitted.  This yarn seems perfectly content in ball form, sitting in my workbasket, mocking me… menacingly

An exorcism may be in order.  I just need a live chicken, some patchouli sticks, and a gallon of woolwash. 

The Age of Leo

August 17th has been a good day.  I’m now twenty-four years old.  I always hated the question, “Well, do you feel any different?”

No, of course not.  You never actually realize you’ve grown or changed until way after the fact.  You just sort of stop, one day, and say to yourself, “This is who I’ve become.  Imagine that.”  And then you continue on your way, changing still, adapting, and growing.

We get better, as we get older.  I believe in that, for most of us, anyway. 

As for the knitting side of life, knits are good.  I’m currently working around the ankle on the Arched Shaped Stockings by Meg Swansen (Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006, you can also find a similar pattern in Meg Swansen’s Knitting, love that book, yes, I said it, love).  I had always coveted those stockings, the arch is perfectly decadent. 

Also, if you happen to be in the Savannah, Georgia area in August 25th, I’ll be teaching a colorwork class from 10:30 am to 12:30 at our LYS, Wild Fibre.  After that, we usually have a quaint knit in, so come join the fun! 

Hello. I bring you my thoughts.

Beginnings are often awkward.  I would feel better by speaking with you, as if I had always known you.  Let’s just get our feet wet, shall we?  Here are ten little quirks about me:

  1.  I can not sleep unless I have slipped in from the right side of the bed.  If I enter from the left, for some odd reason, I can not rest.  I feel that something is just not right with the world and sleep will not come until I have exited and re-entered the bed from the right.
  2. There must always be a knitting project on the needles for me.  I have recently come to realize that if there is not, I find myself pacing about the house, not able to sit or relax.  This may be how cocaine addicts feel without a fix.
  3. I’m a Leo (which is not a quirk), a fire sign, and therefore I rise with the sun.  I do not like staying up late and feel my best days start at 6 or 7 am.  Any later and I feel that I’ve already wasted the day.  So strange.
  4. I do not like receiving gifts.  Don’t ask me why, but when I receive gifts, it makes me feel like I’ve burdened the giver or that it would be impossible to thank them enough (even if the present is small and may seem insignificant).  I’d rather not be given anything at all.
  5. I don’t like a lot of the “little” holidays such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, my birthday, Valentine’s, and New Year’s.  But my favorites are St. Patricks Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.
  6. I think I like Thanksgiving so much because of the comfort foods, in bulk.  It is the only time of the year that I prepare and eat sweet potato casserole, dressing (mouth waters, groan), and two or three different pies in one sitting. 
  7. I run every morning.  And morning only, it is my routine, if I don’t run shortly after waking up, it throws off my groove.  I haven’t missed a run in several months, but on those occasions, I will not consume any snacks or sugars for the day.  No, I don’t have a problem…
  8. I love the United States Coast Guard.  They are a wonderful and diverse group, worthy of much praise.  But they don’t need any fancy speeches from the likes of me.
  9. It was the USCG’s fault encouragement that started my knitting obsession.  If my husband ever complains about my yarn habit, he needs to talk to a Yeoman about it.  I’m the victim dependent here.
  10. I never grew out of cartoons.  When all of my friends were watching 90210 and Friends, I was still stuck on Rocko’s Modern Life, Doug, and Daria.  I still watch them today… I don’t have a problem.

What?  Oh, right.  Welcome to my blog.