Is it Fall yet?

I feel like my body is ready for autumn.  So are all the cold weather knits I’ve finished since the spring.  I hate to see them sitting on the “knits” shelf in my closet, occasionally finding one or even both of my cats curled up on them.  At least they’re getting some use.

Fall means Christmas knitting.  I think as knitters, we have the right to think about Christmas so early.  Whereas the retail market attempts to sell their merry wares three weeks (or more) before Halloween, that just isn’t right.

I’m still under the impression that you shouldn’t put up x-mas decor until after Thanksgiving (or in my case, the first day of December).  Halloween is wonderful, and Thanksgiving, too, and I like to enjoy them without the obstruction of a jolly ol’ fat guy.  I don’t like when different foods touch on my plate.  There are boundaries; macaroni goes here, potatoes there, meat, and separate condiments… No touchy.  I think that’s how I like my holidays, too.


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