Back in Action

The brief absence was my trip to the parent’s house, a suprise visit, actually.   I like to walk in the door like I had only gone to the grocery store, although I live six hours away and hadn’t been there in three months. 

My return was most exciting.  Waiting on my dining table was a box of yarn I had ordered from Knit Picks (which was paid for by a gift certificate from Mom).  The added bonus was the Rowan 42 and a US 1 12″ Addi circular, both from the hubby who ventured into Wild Fibre just for me, somebody give him a cookie and a hooker!

The “To Knit” list has just expanded exponentially.  I thought I had a long list from the Rowan 41, but this takes the cake.  Maybe it is because Fall is my favorite season, I long to where the cuddly wraps, cardigans, and sweaters, it’s the cuddle factor.  Also, anything Highlander is an added bonus. 

Currently on the sticks, however, is An Affair to Remember from Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt.  I did my cast on just last night, and as of right this moment, I’m over half way complete.  I project the skirt to be complete no later than Saturday.  We shall see.


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