Now and Then

When I started knitting, I thought I’d never use a chart keeper, my hands were just as good as a swift, and acrylic was just fine.

Fortunately, we grow as knitters.  I got tired of keeping track of my rows on Post Its (which I would lose, and find again, only now with a website or phone number written on it).  My chart keeper arrived just last week. 

I still don’t have a swift, but am always on the look out for one.  I envy those with swifts (and ball winders).  At the moment, I’m holding out for a lovely floor standing swift, it’ll look nice even when I leave it out (and I know that I will).

As for acrylic… gross.  That was back when the closest LYS was more than two hours in one direction and Walmart was only five minutes from my house.  But now I know.  There is a difference between a sweater made with Caron Simply Soft and the same pattern in Cascade 220 or Rowan 4-ply Soft

Wait… am I a yarn snob now?  Maybe to new knitters, eh, they’ll see.


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