An Affair to Remember, remembered

In the back

I finished Romantic Hand Knits’ An Affair to Remember just over a week ago, but Mr. Yarn Bearer (who also serves as Mr. Camera Man) was on duty.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful this project was.  It took three days to knit, and if you don’t have a three year old, you may do it in less.  I changed the yarn to Knit Picks Main Line in Blueberry.  I used ten skeins, with some to spare, for the smallest size.  Actually, if you buy eleven skeins, you’ll have enough left to make the High Society hat (which I think would be such a lovely pair).  I didn’t change anything pattern wise, except I made mine just an inch shorter, but I’m 63″ tall. 

An Affair to Remember

OH!  I did find one pattern flaw.  For the Waistband, after working eight rows of St st your Next Row (RS) should go as follows (eh, this is for the smallest size, the corrected error is in bold):

K7 , (K11, k2tog) 8 times, knit to end of row – 104 sts. 


4 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember, remembered

  1. Thank you both. If you’re looking for a quick it with just a tiny bit of zest, then this one is it. Just a note, if you’re in between the skirt sizes like I am, opt for the smallest size as the knitted fabric is extra stretchy.
    If you make the skirt, please let me know, I’d like to see another take on it.

  2. It looks lovely on you, and that is a great choice of colour.

    I’ve just done mine too, but turned it into a top – not by choice, I wish I was that clever

    You can see it on Ravelery on Christmas week – that’s when the photos’ll be up.

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