An Evening We Shant Forget

I am pleased with the reviews of my skirt, An Affair to Remember, thanks to all the Craftsters who visited and commented (here or there, on

Recently, however, my knitting has taken to the back seat.  I suppose I just haven’t felt inspired.  Of course, there are countless patterns available to me as well as waiting to be discovered, but I think I’m just waiting for that project that really jumps out at me. 

Last night was the weekly SnB at Wild Fibre, and it seemed like more of a treat than usual.  An adequately sized group, we all appeared to be in good spirits and rather chatty.  It was lovely and relaxing.  Afterward, Julia, Rachel, Jennifer, and I paid a visit to Tracy (a.k.a. the High Queen Poo-bah of Fiber Art, a.k.a. Mayor of Yarn).  A good time was had by all (and without the use of Chloroform even, imagine that). 

My knitty senses feel revived and invigorated, I think I can get back to some serious knitting…  As soon as I find that pattern, I’ll let you know.


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