Egads! The knitting is afoot!

Yes, the knitting is afoot. 

Poor, dear, Suzette

I decided against the Suzette cardigan for now, as Christmas knitting requests dire attention.  Instead, before knitting two pairs of socks (for good ol’ dad and my BIL), I’ll make my way through the Joy cardigan (also by Kim Hargreaves, also found in Vintage Knits, as in the Rowan version).  Some changes will be made, of course, as I’m not keen on threading 5,300 beads onto my yarn.  Joy wouldn’t be the same, however, without those textural details, so for every “Bead 1,” there will be in its place a purl bump, or “nubbins” as I refer to them. 

Oh, Joy!   Beaded Jacket

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of Rowan’s Vintage Knits, you can find a similar cardigan in Jennie Atkinson’s Romantic Style, the Beaded Jacket (the one in yellow, just minus the satin-ribbon, but about nine times as many beads, or in my case, nubbins).

VK Rowan

As a side note, I’ve noticed an increased interest in my blog recently.  Mr. Yarn Bearer referred to the regular readers as my “entourage.”  Soon I’ll have a Cadillac Escalade and access to VIP knitting groups.  Now my readers just need to bulk up.

It's better than a protein shake


2 thoughts on “Egads! The knitting is afoot!

  1. The designer is Giles. Look up his latest fall fashion collection. It looks like someone knit with roving… on size John Holmes needles.

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