Joy’s Back

Lovely nubbins

The back of the Joy cardigan is finished.  I think the only reason why pattern writers start the instructions off with knitting the back first, is to see if you can actually grin and bear it.  Of course, not all patterns are like pulling teeth, and Joy isn’t that bad, but that moss stitch is killer.  Flipping the yarn this way and that, I’m glad it’s only a six and a half inch stretch.  On a positive note, moss stitch creates the perfect flat fabric with a good bit of give and blocks nicely. 

The rest of the pattern should be a breeze really.  How do you like my nubbins?!  I’m loving them, so simple, but a wonderful detail.  You know, you could put just about any pattern on your Joy cardigan if you really wanted to… hint, hint.  You really should. 

More to come soon. 


2 thoughts on “Joy’s Back

  1. Wow, that looks great. I’ve actually got this cardigan on the needles too, but I’m thinking of frogging because I can’t decide what to do with the stitch pattern. I like the diagonal lines of the beads, but beads seem too flashy and I didn’t think purl bumps would show up enough.

  2. Thank you! I read your blog, and that blue yarn looks great, but if you haven’t touched it in a month, then frogging may be in order. At least you got to see what Joy looks like with the purl nubs, which do stand out.

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