Life as I know it

The left front of Joy is coming along, although, it is on hold at the moment.  One of our fellow knitters at Wild Fibre has just lost her husband.  There was some thought about sending flowers, a comment about knitting her some flowers came up, but in the end we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to knit squares for an afghan for her.

Mr. Yarn Bearer’s birthday was on October 1, he’s getting up there in years, I guess I’ll have to put him down soon (I can’t believe he made it to 26, married to me and all).  I celebrated with this recipe, which is quite delicious.

I’ve been going through an embroidery and sewing kick the past few days (it’s okay, it comes and goes).  Daughter loves Aranzi Aranzo so I’m cooking up some pillows for her otherwise plain jane bed, I’d also like to throw on some Sublime Stitching to really spice it up.  Just what every three year old should be concerned with:  throw pillows and felt mascots.

Speaking of the wee-one, she’s been getting more involved with the crafting scene at our house lately.  Two days ago, she wanted to knit a sock for my nephew (just one sock, mind you).  So not to confound her with DPNs and heel turns, I showed her cast-on and the knit stitch on some straight needles.  Then the little craft diva asked for a sock pattern, so I complied and let her go on her way. 

Yesterday, while I was working on embroidering my new knitting bag (SQUEE!  I’ll post pics when I’m all done), daughter asked to embroider, too.  It seemed a better fit for her, and although it’s a bit free-form, she’s doing well.  I’m just happy that she’s giving it a try and wants to be involved with our family’s crafty nature.

Wee Crafts


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