Forget Nyquil, give me Chocolate Lollipops

Forget the flu bug, when fall is here, the craft bug strikes harder and faster.  I usually don’t realize until it’s too late, and have already begun two quilts and a pillow case.   Like I was saying yesterday, autumn means quilting and embroidering for me, I don’t know why, I just  have to at this time of the year.  Sort of like how squirrels hibernate in winter, I sew and hand stitch in the fall.  Instead of gathering nuts, I buy enough fabric for three queen size quilts… and have left overs for oodles of cute little doo-dads and toys.

And while we’re on that topic, did you notice the new links over there?  Huh?  Did ya?  If you only  click on one link, for the rest of your life, click on Wee Wonderfuls, I want to sew everything there (and knit all of the adornments, too, and embroider the cuteness on everything).  Don’t forget to check on Olive and Archie’s Make-A-Long, cheer them on in their mission for exclusive playground access (ah, I remember those days).

If you decide to click on just one more link for the rest of your life, Amy Butler has awesome free patterns.  I’m thinking that the Belle Quilt is going to look awesome on the wee-one’s bed.

Maybe in blues... ?

Go ahead and just click the rest of the links, like Anna Maria Horner’s blog, brilliant woman, and her brilliant, crafty children.  And if I decide that daughter’s bed coverings need to be alternated every few days, she’s going to also need AMH’s 22 Lollipops Quilt, just in case.

I can taste it now


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