Looming Holidays

Halloween hasn’t even passed yet and I’m already feeling the pressure.  Holiday knitting (clucks tongue).  Knitters really get to take advantage of that “naughty or nice” jazz.  Only the most deserving recipients get knitty goodness from me.  If they’re walking a thin line, I’ll do a quick (emphasis on quick) sewing project for them.  Everybody else has to start making up for next year, if they’re lucky, and smart.

So who’s on my nice list this year, let’s review…

Dad.  He had a heart attack and two strokes last January, now he complains of cold feet even in 100+ degree weather.  Dad’s getting the kilt hose from Folk Socks.

BIL.  I didn’t meet him until more than six months after he married my sister.  I was expecting a loser, but he turned out pretty okay.  The Eastern European Footlets from Favorite Socks goes to this guy.

MIL.  She lives 3,000 miles away, I suppose Mr. Yarn Bearer’s mom doesn’t have a chance to get on my bad side.  She’s getting the Hemlock Ring Blanket from Brooklyn Tweed’sblog.

My sister.  I sewed her a Zakka Bag with matching Zakka Pouch.  Don’t ask.

My mom.  I gave her knits before and her appreciation was less than enthusiastic, but she does enjoy my cooking, a lot.  As in, when I visit, I’m the only person who cooks or it’s take-out.  I’m making her a cook book of all my recipes that I know she likes, along with a few new ones. 

I think I made things pretty easy on myself this year.  So what in the hell am I going to do next year?! 

You might be wondering about the Joy cardigan, but don’t worry, the first sleeve is almost complete.  There are two reasons why this projects isn’t finished yet.  1) I don’t have a ball winder and I hate winding those 220 yard skeins by hand, it takes about an hour without a hitch (if anyone is feeling generous…).  2) Trying to finish a log cabin quilt I started a little over a year ago.  I am doing a few short cuts, however, instead of ten blocks by eight blocks, I’m only doing a eight by eight.  I want the warm now!  It’ll come out to about a 64 x 64 quilt instead of 80 x 64.  I’ll live with it, and get on with other projects demanding my attention (like every single project in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Giftby Joelle Hoverson, if you don’t have that book, go get it now, there’s a preview on Purl Bee’s blog).


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