It’s in the Details

I was just thinking about what details I prefer and look for in knitting.  I like colorwork, the technique is awesome.  I’m of the yarn-in-each-hand persuasion, both hands get to play with the yarn, left doesn’t get jealous of the right (I’m a thrower). 

A hint of garter stitch.  All over garter can put a girl to sleep.  Just a few inches for the hem and wrist, well, it’s like a mini party in my hands – and then the real work begins.

Picot edge… Mmmm, so simple and adds a feminine touch.  I like to work the fold into the pattern instead of seaming it later (it just seems like a waste of yarn, you know). 

Oh, OH!  Working sweaters and cardigans in the round!  Really, you can do this to any pattern, they’ll go much faster and talk about perfect gauge.  In my opinion, steeking a cardigan is comparable to eating fifteen cream-filled donuts and not gaining a pound… yeeeah.  Sweet satisfaction and no jiggly-butt.

Do you want to know what I really like?  Wrap-over neck sweaters.  The sweater could be completely plain-jane, but a wrap-over neck just makes the sweater for me.  It’s like having a snug little scarf on your neck, or never having to button a top button, or having a wrap that you never have to re-wrap.  Also, it gives a very intellectual look to the wearer, too (and we could all use a little bit of that, now, eh?).

Oh, and the first sleeve is finished for Joy, one to go and then the two cuffs!  WEEE!


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