JOY! With Gratuitous Photos


As promised, many pics of the finished Joy cardigan and new projects (just two).



I haven’t put buttons on just yet, waiting for the right ones to come along.  Anyway, on to the stats:

Pattern:  Joy, by Kim Hargreaves, Rowan’s Vintage Knits

Yarn:  Knit Picks Gloss, in Sahara, six skeins

Needles:  US1 (cuffs), US2 (collar and CO), US3 (body and sleeves)

Size:  34″ bust

Notes:  I didn’t change the pattern except for not using the beads.  I do think the cuffs would be better off knit with the US2 needles, but it’s fine.  I love it, have gotten many compliments, I just need to get those buttons on.

As for new projects, I’ve started the Hemlock Ring Blanketfrom Brooklyn Tweed’s blog…


 The other project is my BIL’s x-mas present, the Boyfriend Socksfrom SlippedStitch’s blog.  I’ve deemed them the Brother-In-Law Socks because, otherwise, it just doesn’t sound right…


Tippy seems to like them, my Mr. Fluffy Pants!  Who is shedding like a horror at the moment and actually, very nearly, burned up the motor on my vacuum cleaner. 


4 thoughts on “JOY! With Gratuitous Photos

  1. Thank you, but the photo makes it much brighter and a bit more red than in reality. It’s a little more brown, but lovely nonetheless.

  2. I love your version of the Joy cardigan. In order to show the lines without using the beads, do you purl on RS where you would put a bead? Thanks!

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