Sixteen in Three

Sewing bug still going strong.  Sixteen projects in three days.  The family outing yesterday lead us to Fabrika, a cute fabric store in Savannah’s Historic District.  Preferences I have in fabrics store include, but are not limited to, the following:  Alexander Henry, Anna Marie Horner, handmade goodies for purchase (covet the handmade), and a good selection of fat quarters.  Fabrika has all of this, therefore, my heart, she is glad.

I’m a bit of a fat quarter junkie, but only left with three; two from Chocolate Lollipops and one unknown foodie-type vintage fabric.  As for their handmade goods, they have purses and aprons galore in the AH and AMH fabrics, what’s not to love about that?  If you have a chance, stop by, you’ll be glad you did.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Scarf

Daughter left with a fat quarter of her own, proclaiming that it would make a great scarf, and it did.  I sat down and made a scarf when we got home and after thinking over the aprons in Fabrika, my fat quarters did not last long.  This is what you can do with three fat quarters…

Foodie Apron Chocolate Lollipops Apron

Simple, reversible, and I’m loving it.  If anyone is at all wanting a tutorial, just ask and I’ll put one together, but it’s not like either of these projects are terribly involved.  You can get through them in less than an hour.  So there you go.

I’ve still got apron-fever and I’m thinking that I may have to get my hands on Amy Butler’s Cafe Wrap Apron pattern (and the free instructions for making it into a skirt).  As for the other fourteen projects, I made knitting needle cozies for a up coming holiday gift sale at a friend’s house.  I’m naming them Needle Kimonos, though, because of the kimono collar.  My glass needles (a gift from my dear friend, Julia, got to love that woman) look sweet wrapped in cotton goodness.  I may post a tutorial for these as well… again, that’s if there is any interest, let me know!

Needle Kimono 

In knitting news, I finished sock one of two for the BIL.  Mr. Yarn Bearer makes for a good model, though BIL’s are a bit smaller, they should be a perfect fit.  Ta ta.

BIL Sock


4 thoughts on “Sixteen in Three

  1. I can’t believe my eyes: glass needles!!!!! I wonder if I can find some in France. The needle kimonos are so cute, what a wonderful idea!!! Is there a pattern for it? I just love them. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Pia

  2. The pattern is of my own design, therefore it is quite simple. If enough people are interested, I’d be glad to post a free tutorial for making them. Thanks!

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