Toy Store Brawlers

I attempted the Black Friday shopping crawl this morning, but came home empty handed.  I’m not crazy about shopping, and it turns out that I saved more money ordering online than I would have in the stores. 

But why did I come home with nothing to show for it?  Well, when I arrived at the Toys R Us at 5:20 am, and almost got t-boned in the parking lot, there were zero buggies and a line of twenty or so people waiting for said buggies.  Without a buggy, I went in anyway to see what I could carry out. The traffic inside was worse than the parking lot, specifically in the “Ride On’s” section and the check out line of doom, which I needed to pass to get to the board games.  Things were backed up and no one was moving, so an elderly woman behind me began hitting me in the butt with her buggy.

I find it difficult to be polite when someone is blatantly trying to run me down with a shopping cart full of toddler toys.  “Get off my ass,”  I said. 

The elderly woman replies, “You’re in my way!  Get out off my way!” 

“I can’t move.  No one is moving.”

“Well, you need to move.”  At this, she decided to turn down the aisle next to us and in passing said this, “Better watch yourself before you get a beat down!”

“I don’t see that happening.  They’re just toys, lady.”

I was threatened by a 65+ year old woman.  Sounds like Black Friday to me.  After parting ways with dear granny, I witnessed a woman threaten another teary-eyed woman with a “punch in the face.”  With that, I took my leave and saved over $25, on the same toys I sought in the store, online.  But I regret not taking my camera with all the action going on.

If you have a Black Friday story you would like to share, I would love to hear it.  Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like the ginger bread houses and shopping cart road kill on aisle seven.


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