Humanity Totally Redeemed Itself

Every once in a while, a person or two does something so unbelievably generous and thoughtful, it makes me think there is hope for us yet.  Of course, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, so this list of quick, free crafty gift projects made me glow.

Head over to Sew, Mama, Sew! for the Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List.  It inspired me to change my mind about my mother’s Christmas present.  Instead of the cookbook, Mom’s getting the Wellness Bag

I had been reconsidering her gift this past week or so, but wasn’t quite sure what would better suit her needs.  Unfortunately, Mom’s hard to please.  Maybe you know someone like this:  you can get them exactly what they ask for, gift-wise, and it would still disappoint them and their reaction comes off as ungrateful and annoyed that you even tried to please.  Then there’s the usual comment of, “I’ll never use this, I’d rather not have gotten anything at all.”  Maybe the Wellness Bag will melt that chilly disposition of her’s.  We’ll find out soon enough.


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