Could knitting get any more cozy?

Yes.  Of course it can. 

 Apparently, all of my good ideas come to me in the shower.  It’s the only time I can get any peace, unless Mr. Yarn Bearer is home.  He has a habit of walking in and wanting to chat, so I get distracted, and end up shampooing my hair twice.  I go through a lot of shampoo that way. 

Back to the good idea, I thought that if I’m making needle cozies for my straight needles, my circular and dpns need to be fashioned as well. 


There is still some tweaking to be done to the pattern, but that is the Circular Pocket prototype.  I thought about naming it the “Cocket,” but not many people share my sense of humor, go figure.  I’ve also started writing out instructions for the dpn cozy, but haven’t worked through it yet. 

My guess is that these patterns won’t be available until after Christmas, because starting tomorrow, things will be getting busy around here.  I still need to finish my BIL’s second sock, as well as my dad’s pair.  I won’t be seeing them until after the holidays, so I’ve got a little leeway with them.

I’ll leave you with United States Coast Guard Station Tybee’s Christmas Photo…


What a bunch of totally buff hotties, I’d marry one.  Oh wait, I DID!  YES!  So yeah, Mr. Yarn Bearer is in there, on the boat’s stern, second from the left, clean shaven head.  Yum.

Happy Holidays!


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