Start Wearing Purple (or butt-ugly green)

I’m wondering what will become the first FO of 2008.  Will it be the belated kilt hose for Dad?  Or the Boyfriend Socks for the BIL?  Perhaps the lace dress I’m making for the “Start Wearing Purple” KAL over on Ravelry (in the Gypsy Punks Group)?  Or the newly ripped and restarted Hemlock Ring Lapghan for my MIL? 

Yeah, I ripped the Hemlock Ring after I ran out of yarn and found it to be on back order for well over a month…  Mr. Yarn Bearer and I rushed to Wild Fibre and grabbed some Cascade 220, he picked the color.  Not a shade I would have grabbed for myself, or would have guessed for his mother, but I occasionally humor Mr. Yarn Bearer with having faith in his delusions choices.  I’m surprised the camera picked up the correct color, that sort of murky green that it is, but in some lighting situations, it looks gray.  In others, it turns a brown-ish color.  I hope my MIL has decent lighting in her apartment.

Hemlock Ring

My guess, however, is leaning toward the dress or the lapghan for the honor of being 2008’s first FO.  I’ve been pretty devoted to those two projects, it’ll be close.  (There’s Fluffy Butt, er, Tippy again!  Despite the scowl, he really likes the attention, little whore).

I received a surprise in the post today!  I’m looking forward to some stitching, Wee One’s bedroom walls are pretty bare, I’m  thinking she needs some hand stitched wall art.  Totally


There has been breath of fresh area around here.  What is it?  Oh yeah, Mr. Yarn Bearer is finallyoff of holiday routine and back to the regular work schedule…  And the house stays clean, and I can knit, and stitch, and actually get things done around here.  Not that I don’t love having him home, but Mr. Yarn Bearer is always on the go, he takes that damn Semper Paratus thing too far sometimes.


That’s his eager face.


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