Everything is Green, Super Green

The award for my first FO of 2008 goes to my MIL’s Hemlock Ring Blanket (though it’s more of a shawl/wrap/lapghan).  Without further ado, let’s move on to the stats.


I don’t need to say it, because most of you already know that these instructions came from Brooklyn Tweed’s blog.  I used three skeins of Cascade 220 Wool in a swampy green color.  Instead of the purposed US 10 needles, I used US 6 for the center motif, switched to US 7 for first three repeats of feather and fan, and finally changed to US 8 for the remainder of the pattern.  I wanted the fabric to be a bit more dense, therefore the needle substitutes.  After blocking, the piece measured about 38 inches across. 


Did I like the pattern and process?  Yes, very much indeed.  The bind off particularly made for a lovely (if not lengthy) finish.  Like I stated before, this is more of a wrap and looks classic when tossed precariously over the shoulders.  I intend on making another (but not today) for our house and of the blanket persuasion. 


2008’s second place FO will be seen, in all of its glory, late next week.  I can’t say that I’m dying to get it complete as the weather here has been chilly, breezy, and gray.  Perhaps a bit of purple can melt this chilly disposition. 


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