Is there a draft in here?


No, no, my newest FO is just a bit airy.  Say hello to Kat’s Pretty Pink (Purple) Dress from Greetings from Knit Cafe.  I can not begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have this finished, for several reasons.  First, because there were some hardships getting this book (two check-outs from the library, a swap-of-doom, a purchase from Barnes & Nobles, and then acquiring a second, thought forsaken, copy…).  Second, it is a effing awesome dress.  Third, so versatile.

Things you might like to know:

Pattern:  Kat’s Pretty Pink Dressby Kay Coyle (published in Greetings from Knit Cafe)

Yarn:  Knit Picks Shadow in Grape Jelly (now discontinued, I *think*, but they do have another shade of purple), one and a half skeins

Needles:  US 5 for body, US 7 for border

Size:  Small

Mods:  Several, but we will start with my knitting the dress in the round.  I saw no point in knitting the front and back separately considering that they are identical.  I changed the bottom border as well, though I wish I had thought of that before starting the project.  After finishing the entire body, I started on the given edging, but after a few repeats, couldn’t stand the tedium any longer.  Instead, I picked up all the cast on stitches, knit a few rounds, and then finished off with the border from the Hemlock Ring doily (since it was embedded fresh in my mind).

Errata:  Check Knit Cafe’s website for their correction, a minor flaw.


Lovely project, really, but it was disheartening to wake up this morning to a breezy 9 degree Fahrenheit.  This bit of lace won’t be getting its opening debut for a while.  Though, I did mention its versatility.  Lovely dress (add slip).  Great with jeans (add a tank top).  Lingerie (add nothing – Mr. Yarn Bearer’s suggestion).  I’ll spare you that trauma.



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