Speedy, Simply Marilyn

Simply MY Marilyn

I found out that in only four days, I can knit a Simply Marilynsweater.  I also figured that if I hadn’t dicked around so much on the first day, I probably could have whipped this out in three.  But four days… that has to be some kind of new SM record.  It has been decided that this is my new “gift” sweater, if I should ever want to knit someone a sweater as a gift, this would be it…  But they may have to pry it my my cold, lifeless fingers.

Pattern:  Simply Marilyn by Debbie Bliss (you can get it free here)

Size:  Smallest

Yarn:  RYC Soft Tweed, Slate Blue, 8 balls (exactly eight balls, I had maybe one yard left over)

Needles:  I used US 10s throughout

Mods:  No mods, but I do plan on knitting this again, I so enjoyed knitting this sweater.  Though next time, I plan on making it a bit longer before shaping the waist.


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