Not for the faint of heart

You know that I had completed Romantic Handknit’s An Affair to Remember back in August, I love that skirt and get compliments regularly as it enhances my curves.  Today, in Georgia, the weather is sunny and warm with a slight breeze, just right for my skirt and for getting out of the house.

Our outing landed us in Barnes & Noble, where Wee One found a unique puzzle and knelt down to look at it.  Mr. Yarn Bearer had strayed only a few yards to the sale section and I stayed and bent over to look more closely at Wee One’s find.  As I was reading the box, I was startled by a very sudden, very booming voice directly behind me…


I shot upright and turned around (as did everyone else within twenty feet… except Mr. Yarn Bearer, engrossed as he was) to find a man, early forties and not too shabby, staring at my ass, so intently that a hooker might feel uncomfortable. 

And he kept staring, for a long time…

And then he finally looked up at me and started walking again, turning this way and that because I’m sure by this point he had no idea where he was or where he might have been going.  Still staring he says, “Oh, hey there,” kind of smooth-like, kind of, um, not.  I’m still standing there, mouth agape, because this man is walking on (still staring) and nearly collides with a book shelf and two store fixtures.  All the while, his teenage son is with him who seems to be unaware of the situation (or maybe just used to it). 

After all of that, I look to Mr. Yarn Bearer, who is still sifting through sale goodies, and words just would not come out of my mouth.  Mr. Yarn Bearer had been oblivious to the entire scene (not surprised) and when I told him, a smile crept across is face and he seemed quite pleased.

Later, I slipped into the bathroom and waited for everyone to leave.  I then proceeded to bend over in front of the mirror to make sure that, I don’t know, my va-jay-jay wasn’t showing or something.  It wasn’t. 

I considered the man’s reaction a compliment, maybe it wasn’t my arse that intrigued him so, but the lovely stitch detail and cable work…  But I doubt that.  Perhaps they should print a disclaimer on the An Affair to Remember pattern stating thus, “Not suitable viewing for those with heart conditions and high blood pressure.”


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