Theatre de Tricotage

Unlike most, I don’t have cable/digital/satellite television.  During our last PCS (permanent change of station, for the civilians in the bunch), we agreed to experiment life without the boob tube. 

It has been ten months so far and we haven’t lost our sanity, we’re still informed (Internet and gossip), and I get SO much knitting done.  Yes, life without cable has increased my productivity, just look at my side bar.  How many projects did I finish in 2007?  How many have been completed in 2008 (even though it’s March)? 

Big.  Freaking.  Difference.

I won’t lie to you, though, we still watch movies.  After the wee one goes to bed and Mr. Yarn Bearer is standing duty, I pop in a DVD.  These past few months, I’ve made it a point to find the most agreeable knitting-movies.  There’s a shelf in the “movie closet” dedicated to my “knitting movies.”  Men will find it shocking to know that most of them do not induce lots of crying.  Trust me, you do not want to be reduced it a blubbering puddle of woe and empathy in the middle of your Phoenix Cardigan

Here’s a few a tome of my all-time favorite movies to knit to (also known as a “living document,” in no order, of course):

1.  Empire Records (a tribute to the Seattle scene)

2.  Benny & Joon

3.  Ever After

4.  Superstar  (go drink a bottle of yourself)

5.  Spirited Away

6.  Dolores Claiborne (I watch this because it reminds me of my mother… really)

7.  Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

8.  The Godfather (all three)

9.  Divine Secret of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (hello, I’m from the South)

10.  28 Days (I want my foreskin back)

11.  Hope Floats

12.  Master and Commander the Far Side of the World

13.  Practical Magic

14.  What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

15.  Mona Lisa Smile

16.  Sabrina (both)

17.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s (hell, anything with Audrey Hepburn)

18.  High Fidelity

19.  The Darwin Awards (the Piano Man, he rocks)

20.  Princess Mononoke

21.  Chocolat

Go ahead, give the list a shot and get back to me (in a couple months).


4 thoughts on “Theatre de Tricotage

  1. Superstar is definitely a knitting movie, and so funny!
    Hmm, I would also pick 40 Year Old Virgin, Super Troopers, Superbad, Joe Dirt, Two Weeks Notice, Wedding Singer, Idiocracy, Hot Rod, Mean Girls and horror movies like Plotergeist, The Ring, Dawn of the Dead, Signs, The Others, and Donnie Darko.

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