Happy Things

I pride myself in being completely satisfied and content with small, unassuming objects.  Mere trifles, I find, are such a delight.  I ran across this shop on Etsy this morning. 

Don’t these little decals making you squee?!  Go ahead, let it out, SQUEE with JOY!  And look, double squee!  Wee One’s room has still yet to be painted and decorated (I know, bad mommy), but Holly’s Vinyl Wall Art has my brain buzzing with ideas.  Now to convince Mr. Yarn Bearer…


2 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. OHMYGOSH! I saw this store last week and put it in my Favorites. I love the birdhouse and the three birds. I’d like to put them in my little tiny breakfast room, but is that too cheesy for a grown-up? They are perfect for a kid’s room, though. Maybe I’ll just freehand them on the wall myself, then it will look like I’m a great artiste!

  2. If you look at the pictures, they have examples in rather “grown up” settings. I think they would look awesome in your cute little breakfast room! Besides Wee One’s room, I was thinking about some for the stairway.

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