A week ago, Mr. Yarn Bearer casually said to me, “I’m going to the bank, I’ll be back in a bit.”  Half an hour later, he comes back with a lovely pink and black package, inside is a gift certificate to the local Spa.  Before we get any further, let me just say this, he’s mine.  Reason?  You might ask (because I did), he said, “No reason, you deserve to relax.”  Ahem, again, mine.

So, today was Spaaah Day for me.  Two hours of me, me, me.  A facial (with relaxing neck rub), relaxing back treatment, hot towels, soft music, and me.  For all of the locals, I was at the Lotus Day Spa in Port Wentworth (on the border of Port Wentworth and Rincon on US 21).  Oh, sweet serenity.  I highly recommend them because it felt like I was floating on my way out.


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