Tuft Love Shrug

Close out Rowan Big Wool Tuft is sooo tempting, isn’t it?  But when you order twenty balls of it, what do you do with it?  I sat here, racking my brains trying to come up with something, anything.  Mr. Yarn Bearer almost got a blanket for his rack at the Station, though, we both realized that the “shag” wouldn’t match the decor (or make it into the door without a roar of laughter from Mr. Yarn Bearer’s shipmates).

On a whim, the Tuft Love Shrug was born.  It doesn’t use up twenty balls, but at least I made a dent.  This pattern is sized for 4T, but would be easy to customize for larger size.

Tuft Love Shrug

Tuft Love Shrug

By The Yarn Bearer (aka Kayla Dyches)

Yarn:  Four balls of Rowan Big Wool Tuft in Powder Puff (this pattern used all but one yard of those four balls, so if you plan on modifying, expect at least another two or three balls)

Needle:  US 17 24″ circular

Yarn needle

Gauge:  2 sts = 1″



CO 16 sts.  Work k1, p1 rib for 5″, change to St st and work until piece measures 33″ from beginning.  Work in k1, p1 rib (again) for 5″, BO.  Piece should measure 38″. 

Fold in half to make a long tube and beginning at CO edge, seam 11″ inward.  Repeat at BO edge.

Collar ribbing goes as follows:  Beginning at an arm hole edge, pick up 30 sts around entire opening (top and bottom), rib (k1, p1) for 5″ and BO all sts as follows:  Cut yarn leaving a tail about three times the circumference of the opening, thread onto yarn needle.  *Thread needle through first two sts as if to purl, pull through.  Thread needle through first st only, as if to knit, and drop st off needle.  Rep from * to end.  Fasten off last st and weave in all ends.


(If you plan on altering the pattern, measure around the victim’s recipient’s wrist and add two or three inches, multiply that number by two, and there’s your cast on.  As for length, standing with arms stretched out to sides, measure from cuff to cuff and add two inches – or more if you/they like longer sleeves.  Consider ribbing for a few extra inches as it is meant to reach mid-forearm.  Seam arms until about 2″ less than length from cuff to armpit.  When picking up stitches for collar/edging, it’s quite fluffy and a bit hard to find the right loops, so just wing it and pick up as many as you can, making sure to get an even number of sts.  Rib the same length you used for the cuff ribbing).

A word on copyright.  These things I’ve designed are for personal and non-profit use only.  Make them for yourself, make them as gifts, or make them for charity fund raisers/auctions.  You may not sell items made from my patterns and you may not sell or give out these patterns in your store in order to sell your merchandise.  Do not reprint this pattern any where else.  Think karma.  Any questions, just ask.


8 thoughts on “Tuft Love Shrug

  1. Good Heavens, K, I have always thought the Wee One was totally darling…but Dude, the Wee One is incredibly photogenic. Her facial expressions are priceless. Welcome to “America’s Next Top(future) Model” Little Yarn Bearer.

  2. OMG! “Wee One” is TOO cute!! I really like the shrug. (Yes, I am at work, waiting on a number of Attorneys to bombard me and seriously considering a nap at the moment.)

    Maybe you should consider publishing your own book and make money with this stuff. You could double or triple profits if “Wee One” models all of the finished products. And you could even fill it with your own personal thoughts and side notes that everyone finds SO entertaining.


  3. This looks so cute. I’m going to try this in Rave (tulip color) by Crystal Place yarn. I’ve been looking for a bolero for my 6 year old. I’ll send a snapshot when I finish.
    Thank you for the tips on modifying it.

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