Amimono ga daisuki!

The past few days have been devoted to learning crochet.  Not only learning how to crochet, but learning from Japanese crochet patterns.  It may sound intimidating, but it could not be any simpler (with the help of the Internet). 

Recently, I have been falling in love with the Japanese pattern books and websites.  The zakka patterns have such effortless style and grace, what is not to love.  I am loving this site, which is what started the “must learn crochet” mentality.  More specifically, the zakka

So many free patterns, it took a few hours to really settle on my first crochet project.  What did I pick?  Why, this lovely apron!  Its simplicity is so lovely, to me.  Doesn’t it make you want to jump in the kitchen and whip up some sashimi?! 


5 thoughts on “Amimono ga daisuki!

  1. I crochet ^^ It’s not that hard – knitting was harder to learn for me, but that could be because I learned to crochet first. Anyhow, good luck with that!

  2. Duuuuude, we both have MAC flight privileges. Let’s plan to hop a flight to Okinawa or Tokyo and hit the quilt and yarn shops. I’m gonna start hounding you about that now! Love, Jules

  3. I could see myself in Tokyo, did you know they have a fiber district?! Mega yarn stores galore, I coud get in trouble in that city.

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