House Guest

Please excuse the brief absence.  My mother came to visit for a few days, it being her first time at our new home and in Savannah, we had much to do and see.  We showed Mom our favorite city locals – Forsyth Park (the Fragrance Garden is blooming and redolent right now, so run over there and breath deep), Fabrika, Wild Fibre, Fort Pulaski (but more importantly, USCG Station Tybee), Back in the Day Bakery, the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, and much more.  Thankfully, there were no trips to the malls or River Street. 

Mr. Yarn Bearer’s first duty station with the Coast Guard was in Key West, Florida, where Wee One was born, as well (Conch Baby).  After living in that tourist trap, I’ll never complain about the tourists here, in Savannah.  But, for those may one day find themselves in the Hostess City, here’s some advice:  learn how to maneuver a roundabout and pay attention to the crosswalk signals (so, if it shows a big red hand, don’t walk in front of my moving vehicle). 

My knitting suffered a little, though I was dutiful to Wee One’s Girl’s Games Sweater (finished the front and only three inches left on the back).  I was flattered to know that Mom and my Aunt Janet had been coveting the 3/4 Apron, hence the trip to Fabrika.  I grabbed fabric identical to the original apron for AJ’s and Mom picked out some Alexander Henry fabrics in blues and greens.  I wished I had thought to take pictures, but Mom left this morning with her new apron in tow and AJ’s will be on its way to Tampa shortly.

Maybe I’ll finish one of my knitting projects someday soon, please send finishing vibes my way as I am itching to start a new tank top that will fit my future boobies.


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