The Right to Bear Yarns

Generally, I’ve been in a very good mood as of late.  My breast augmentation is in eleven days.  Our fifth wedding anniversary is on April 5th, and I got a highly anticipated book yesterday (Knitalong:  Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown).

One thing, though, has been bothering me, just one thing…

Witching Hour

Remember this?  I dyed this 100% wool, fingering weight, a while back.  I love the colors.  I adore the colors.  I have yet to find a project for this yarn.  It pains me to see it sitting there in my knitting basket.  I am feeling generous, however, maybe you could find a purpose for this yarn…

I like that idea.  Very much so.  SO, let’s go with that.  Reply to this post stating what you have planned for this 1200 yards of fingering weight wool.  I’ll select a random winner by April 5th (it’s a good day).  I would like to see a lovely project come from this yarn, so I ask that you only post if you have an immediate use for it (don’t let it sit in your stash for six months… ahem).  If you have trouble, you can always use Ravelry’s pattern explorer, quite handy. 

Good luck!

109 thoughts on “The Right to Bear Yarns

  1. Am I putting the response in the right place? I would make socks. Obvious answer I know, but I’m very new to socks and I’m just starting out. And I need socks, spring isn’t coming here anytime soon.

  2. With 1200 yards of fingering weight yarn, I forsee a pair of fingerless gloves with either a matching hat or socks if it goes into my stash (which never gets very big as anything that’s not earmarked for a project gets given to my students for their use). Another possibility is that it would be given to one of my students as a graduation gift. I teach at a residential treatment center for girls and for them, graduation means going back to their families and their lives.

  3. I just love those vibrant colors!!!!! At first I thought socks……and then I thought a shawl…and the more I think about it…I think I would like to do a shawl.
    Happy Anniversary in advance!!!!

  4. I am a brand new knitter with 2 projects under my belt. I would love to make socks from this. Would this make two pair? I’d love to give something nice to a friend as well.

  5. I would probably go for socks, too. I made my first pair a couple of weeks ago, and would love to do some more.

    The other thing that I would be really tempted to do with the yarn, since there is so much of it, is use it for a second Mystic Light. The KAL is about to start, and looking at the yarn, it looks like streaks of sunlight in a blue sky, so I bet it would really suit the pattern of the shawl.

    Actually, since that seems to be a generous amount of yarn, it might even be possible to do a shawl and matching socks. Talk about your fashion statement.

  6. This gorgeous yarn would be well matched to an Adamas Shawl. The color would be perfect for our school colors…so I would be keeping it in my classroom to wear when the room just isn’t warm enough. (Which seems to be about every day from October through April.)

    Also, I want to congratulate you on your upcoming anniversary as well as wishing your well on your surgery.

  7. Those are some gorgeous colors–I’d probably show them off with a Jeanie.

    Or maybe I’d succumb to my sock addiction and knit two lovely pairs of knee socks 😉

  8. I would love to make a shawl for the pastor’s wife, who also does so much work in the church – from leading songs to teaching Sunday School, to working in the office, and on and on.

    Her hair and skin colour, I’m sure, would look so vibrant and alive in these colours.

  9. Oh my – I think my heart just skipped a beat! That is heavenly gorgeous yarn! I’d love to knit that up… I don’t own a shawl yet… I think I’d have to do a nice shawl that would showcase the vibrant colors.

  10. Oh that’s gorgeous yarn, and such a nice thing to share! I’d make a shawl for my grandmother who loves bright colors like those (but I’d have to call it a “wrap” or she’d get grouchy about it being old fashioned!). Her 80th birthday is in July, so I’d have to get it done by then.

  11. OH! Those are cub scout colors, blue and gold, and as I am in the midst of planning our current blue and gold banquet, I would most likely make some sort of shawl or a Neckerchief to go with our uniforms. I might not like the uniforms but damn it I can make them more “me”! Fabulous colors by the way so vibrant!

  12. No way, socks are putting this lovely yarn to shame!

    You have to show it off! I would absolutely make this skirt

    with it. I think the stitch patterns of the skirt are unique enough to give the colors a little ‘umph’ (not that they need it!) but simple enough to show the many many shades and variations in the yarn.

    It calls for sport weight, but I think with fingering weight it would make a nice summer skirt. I’d probably find a tank top to match it with in one of the pale blue colors in the yarn, or maybe a gold color to contrast.

    Thanks for this chance! You’ve got my creative juices going, now I really really want to make that skirt!

  13. My darling daughter drew me a diagram of a sweater/shirt she wants me to knit. It’s not very detailed, so I’m supposed to knit up a sample that she can ok, change or completely reject. I’m certainly willing to try and I think that yarn would go a long way toward making that sample more acceptable in the first or second generation . . . . maybe the third or fourth, given the young lady who is asking and has an idea of what she wants. It doesn’t matter, she’ll get what she wants, even if it takes a little swatch knitting on my part.

  14. Congratulations on your decision, and good luck on your surgery!
    I think the Sunshine- top would be a great match, and the blue would just shine! (plus I don’t look good in yellow)
    Here are the links:

    Or I’ve been looking for just the right yarn for the Evangelines:

    No matter what someone makes, it’ll be beautiful!

  15. I would love to make Jeanie by Keri Williams from this colorway. The color blends would be lovely.
    Pick me! Pick me! LOL

  16. My friend and coworker Beth has gone through a difficult surgery for breast cancer and is now having chemotherapy for what has become a wide spread cancer. I would like to make a chemo cap and socks for her. She has beautiful blue eyes, so the blues of the yarn would set off her eyes.

  17. 1200 yards? Matching family socks! For me, my husband, and my two kids. I’m thinking ankle socks for me and the girls, longer ones for my husband.

  18. I’m thinking an elaborate laced, beaded wrap. Given the gorgeous colors, I’d use some semi precious stone beads within the pattern and then on the tassels to give it some nice weight and sound when it moves.

    I’d also think that some beaded jewelry to match would be awesome.

    You don’t want to hide a yarn like this under shoes.

  19. It’d be perfect for the new Mystic Light shawl knitalong, the yellows and browns look like sunlight on the water! And as it’d only take some of the yarn, there’d be enough for a fabulous pair of socks to match.

  20. This is lovely yarn, and I would make a light summer sweater with it as I think there is enough there. I have a summer shell pattern that would look awesome! I am always cold in the summer, so it would be perfect. Either that, or a lovely lace shawl for the winter, when I am REALLY cold:)
    kcatt79 on Ravelry

  21. OOh, I have had an idea for awhile of a pi shawl that starts out with two strands held together in the middle, then gradually drops down to one strand to be more and more lacy at the edges. That would be perfect!

  22. I would use it doubled (or maybe trebled!) to make a beautiful ‘my so called scarf’. I’ve been desperate to knit this but not found quite the right yarn!

    Hope the op goes well!

  23. I would make matching socks for my mom and dad, because I am trying to convince my mother to start knitting socks and she just doesn’t think it is worth it so I figure that if I knit her a pair she will realize how comfortable they are and that even if they don’t last as long as a sweater they are worth knitting.

  24. Pi are Square would be perfect with blue jeans and a black top to wear to the movies or a restaurant on a summer evening. It would also look wonderful for the office over a black slack with a short sleeved t-shirt and my hand made glass necklace.

  25. this looks like the perfect yarn to use for something i’ve been meaning to do for a long time – go out on a limb, and design my own lace pattern shawl. i’m thinking something airy, light and ethereal.

    and considering the beautiful cobalt colour of your yarn i’d come up with some kind of cloud motif.

  26. Oh, this would TOTALLY be a Clapotis. I never got to make one back when everyone was making one, and I’ve been regreting it of late.

  27. i know what i would do with it! i would make a lovely spring lace jumper. for my little baby girl!! brilliant colours like that just look amazing on her and bring out her eyes!! and her still being so tiny!!

  28. Hi,

    What I would like to do is a t-shirt like this ones (and not another pair of socks):

    maybe this one could work:

    because … too much yardage for this one:

    also I think it should work for this one:

    and this one seems to be a little gem, still lot of work to adapt to the yarn:

    Seems like it is not so many shirts knitted with fingering weight but I really would like to try to do one. And also I prefer wool than cotton : )))

    Thanks for the contest!!!!!!

  29. I have a gazillion shawl patterns in my Ravelry queue that are just waiting for the right yarn. This will surely fit one of them. Perhaps Garden Party or Spring Things.

  30. 1200 yards? for real?

    That’s like, at least 3 pair of socks, for grown-up feet, more for smaller ones.

    OK, so, I would *start* immediately, but it might take me a while to accomplish. I would knit His, Hers, and His matching socks for my new nephew Ben, his Mom and his Dad, and I would knit several small pair in gradually increasing sizes for Ben as I bet he’s already grown out of infant booties. If I had any left over out of 2 big and say 3 or 4 small pair, I’d make one of the smaller bootie pairs have laces.

  31. What a pretty colorway…I’ve been searching for a blue and yellow combination for a while! Those are my school colors and I would make three pairs of socks for my husband, best friend, and I to wear to the football games!

  32. I would like to knit a shawl for my grandmother, who isn’t in the best of health and who has been adjusting to living without her life partner ever since my grandfather passed away last year. It would have to be something warm but light, so the fingering-weight wool would work perfectly for something like this:

    (And there might even be some yarn left for a lacy scarf for my aunt! She dropped literally everything to nurse my grandfather when he began to get sick several years ago and now takes care of my grandmother.)

  33. Oh – – that yarn is just gorgeous.

    I would make socks for my husband who wears shoes the sizes of canoes. And cobalt blue is one of his favorites.

  34. I can honestly say, that yummy yarn would not be sitting in my stach for long. Fingerless gloves they would be. Beautiful! I wish I could dye like that, but alas, I’m a beginner.

  35. I would love to make a nice, huge, warm shawl or stole from this beautiful skein. I have blue eyes, so they would match them perfectly.
    Also, since Norwegian winters last forever and where I live it can get as cold as minus 20 degrees celcius (that means a whoppin’ -4 degrees fahrenheit) I can never have to many shawls. (I have two already, not nearly enough!) A shawl would also cover my nose, which is essential when the the icy winds blow.
    If I won this yarn it wouldn’t stay in my stash more than a day 🙂

  36. Everyone’s right – begging to be made into a shawl. It’s in my school colours, too, I could make something to wear to my X-Ring ceremony. Gorgeous colours.

  37. Happy Anniversary !
    Without any doubts – a pair of gloves and a hat for my 5 years old son. These are the colours he wants ….and I think the yarn is gorgeous.

  38. Oh wow! That is gorgeous.

    Let’s see. . . This is one of those yarns I’d like to be able to wear often, so either the Grannie Smith Cardigan
    or the Cluaranach shawl/wrap

    It’s exactly the right amount for either of them! And if I managed to squidge out some leftovers, they’d go in my Jane Thornley Feather ‘n Fan wrap or for use in a pair of fingerless gloves.

  39. Oooh, how pretty! I’m originally from Alaska, and I now live in Las Vegas, NV with my fiance. Those colors look very similar to ones on the Alaska state flag. I had planned to make a shawl for our wedding in something the reminded me of Alaska, since we’re not getting married there. I had picked out the North Star lace pattern from the Arctic Lace book, but had not found yarn I was in love with. I think, if I were to win this beautiful yarn, that this would be the yarn I would knit it with.

  40. 1200yds!!! I would so make some rockin’ knee socks! I like to wear skirts, and also ski- knee socks would be great for both of those things. I am a big fan of cool colors, and this skein looks like it’s right up my alley! Great job on dying!!!

  41. I would make matching socks for my SO and I to wear when we finally get married, in jeans and tees in Las Vegas. Congrats on the anniversary and good luck on the surgery!

  42. I think the yarn would make cool Jaywalker socks. Great dyeing. Go Figure, my anniversary is on April 5th too! It will be 22 years this year. Congrats to you too!

  43. My daughter is nine, and still of the age where she loves anything I make for her. I would love to make her the Girlfriend Shrug, and it looks like there would be just enough left over for a pair of matching socks. Thank you for the fun contest!

  44. I would make leggings for my 11 year old. I found a pattern on ravely and my daughter saw it and has been pestering me since!!!
    Fingers crossed!

  45. I would make socks for all four of my kids, and possibly even for myself if there is enough.

    They all love blue and I love the contrast between the blues and greens/browns/yellows (depending on which monitor I look at).

    I know it is not a terribly original idea, but your beautiful work would warm the feet of not one, not to, but 5 people!

  46. Well as everyone above as stated, socks would be wonderful. I could probably get several pairs out of 1200 yards as I like shorter cuffed ones.

    But I also haven’t done anything in lace yet and I think that fingering weight would be good for that. It would help me to learn a new “knit” thing.

    Love the colors. Thanks for the contest.
    Happy Anniversary

  47. I just received a shoulder shawl pattern that would be perfect for this yarn called “Candle Flame”. That would be my project 🙂

    Congratulations on your Anniversary 🙂

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