Sheep to Shawl

If your in Savannah tomorrow and you love all things fiber, you may want to find your to the Sheep to Shawl Festival on Oatland Island.  The Wild Fibre “knitting posse” and I will be there for some sheep shearing and alpaca groping petting.  I’ll be taking to camera along for the unfortunates missing the action (shearing, face painting, fluffy animals – tell me that’s not action-y)!

Thanks to everyone who have commented on the contest so far (and thank you for anniversary and surgery wishes).  I’ll be bringing the laptop with me for some post-op, heavily medicated blogging (because I doubt I’ll be getting much sleep that first night).  It may be worth the effort to check back in soon for festival pics and well as the entertainment one might get from the delusional ramblings of a paper gowned convalescent.  Ta.

Update:  Hey!  Had a blast at the Sheep to Shawl.  There plenty of new pics over the Sheep to Shawl 2008 Flickr set, enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Sheep to Shawl

  1. The Festival looks like so much fun! At a local fair here in WA there was a woman teaching people to spin. THat was only one booth, though, I would love to go to a yarn-themed fair.
    Hope your surgery went well. Like mary said – good thoughts are sent your way!

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