At the Market

I’m ashamed that I don’t have my own photos of Savannah’s famed Paris Market & Brocanteon Broughton Street, but I’ll try to remedy that later this week.  You can skip over to their website for a preview, however, those in the area or plan to visit will find that walking into this shop leaves one with a sense of awe. 

So much eyecandy to behold, but I can only afford the little luxuries they have to offer.  Their decor and home goods are inspiring, but be sure to keep your eye out for the little things, like the little mixed bags of vintage beads and charms.  There are usually exotic trinkets around the checkout area and don’t forget to go below deck for the charming furniture and accessories.

I’ll try to get down there this week for a little photo show.

So, tomorrow begins the big Make-A-Day May project.  I’m excited to get started on the little things backing up in my brains!  Be sure to check in for a new treasure everyday in May! 


Crafts to Love

A few years ago, I ran across an amazing jewelry artist on eBay, Fyrestorm Creations.  When she says that her works are “one of a kind creations,” she’s not exaggerating.  Mr. Yarn Bearer must have seen me coveting these amazing accessories and bought two bracelets for my birthday, this one…

And this one…

They really are quality pieces, I get constant compliments when I wear them.  They’ve held up very well, too, I’ve not had any problems or stray beads.  My heart, she is glad.  But other than bracelets, you can get sweet little stitch markers for your knitting.  Take some time to peruse her site, there are many goodies to drool over. 

A Finished Something

Mr. Yarn Bearer surprised me yesterday with a copy of the Alabama Stitch Book.  I had always been taught to finish my sewing with neat and clean edges; thankfully, Natalie Chanin seems to have a “F&#% that” attitude toward those.  Sewing goes a lot faster when you don’t have to clean up your messes.  I’m so loving this book.

I finished this in just under two hours.  Cutting out the pattern pieces took longer than the actual seaming (love the seams, by the way).  Mr. Yarn Bearer had been going through his side of the closet just the other day, we both have quite a collection of band t-shirts, and now I have quite a large “soon-to-be corset” pile by my sewing machine.  This pattern will be great for Make-A-Day May.

The shirt I picked for this first corset originally read “I’m A Whore For Cheap Sex.”  I love that shirt (good band, too).  You can still kind of make out the “whore” and “sex,” which makes this a good concert-going shirt.  I always thought it was tacky to wear a band shirt to a different band’s show (or any band shirt in general, really), but now I can get away with it because 1) It’s hand made and 2) It’s hard to make out the original image/lettering. 

For those interested in doing this pattern, I made an XS and for that, you need at least a size M t-shirt to cut out all of the pattern pieces (that’s if you plan on using only one shirt for the project).  And if you don’t have a plethora of band tees at your disposal, check out Hot Topic stores (they always have huge stacks of tees on sale, look toward the back) and, of course, Machete MFG (where we get most of our shirts, check out the clearance page).

I usually don’t bring up my punky roots here, but I have to say, I’m loving Rancid’s B Sides and C Sides.  The very first time I heard Rancid was in the seventh grade and the song was “I Wanna Riot.”  When I heard it again, just yesterday, the lyrics came back in a flash and Wee One and I were moshing in the living room.  Let me tell you, Wee One is going to be quite a mosh pit type chick when she’s older.  If she’s not the one to start it, Wee One will be the first chick to jump into the pit. 

Now go throw some bricks.

Not Forgotten

I realized, this morning, that I had declared a weekly highlight just last week.  I’m excited to show you Louise Black!

This Etsy shop has been getting so wildly popular that the items disappear almost as soon as they are posted.  I’ve always been a fan of the Victorian and Edwardian fashion eras, especially those with dark and macabre features. 

I covet the corsets, which are sold out at the moment, but check out her Items Sold and you’ll see what kind of talent we’re dealing with here.  Do enjoy.

If you’re wondering about my knitting life, it’s picking back up.  I hate that I haven’t completed anything in over a month (and this year started out so well, knit-wise).  Being just over two weeks post-op, my mobility is still limited and there’s a bit of discomfort at times (usually at night, the key is have lots of pillows).  I hope to show you a finished something very soon.

I’m looking forward to the little projects that will be turning out in May.  So many ideas, the urge to make them now is overwhelming, but I’ll try to hold out! 

Make-A-Day May

I’m going to challenge myself this year.  There are so many pretty little things in my craft supply that just beg to be used and my mind needs to let open those proverbial creative flood gates. 

Beginning May 1st, I plan to finish one (at least) craft everyday in whatever medium fancies me.  Plans are already filling my head, all those tiny things I have wanted to create, but push aside for the large scale projects.  This May will be devoted to turning out all those little, sweet things. 

You’re welcomed to join me in what I’ve deemed the Make-A-Day May, I’ll be setting up a Flickr Group just for the occasion.  You can repeat projects and/or stick to one medium, you decide, just make a little (or a big) something every day of May.  I can’t wait to see what kinds of goodies May will bring!

Weekly Features

I’m going to make an attempt at sharing some of my internet treasure hunts in a regular weekly post.  The blog could use a little more flavor and to make it extra interesting, the items will try to stay craft related, but not of the craft supply persuasion.  I would also like to make a point that the finds may not always be on the internet, but occasionally a Savannah original (though, hopefully, available online as well).

Onward!  To the very first Weekly Feature (breaks bottle of champagne on laptop… followed by an “Oh shit!”).

I love Shana Logic.  The prices are reasonable and the goodies are hand made, such a bonus these days.  There are some knit and crochet items available for purchase, but the real finds are these:




Don’t you love it?  Fiber fanatics should sport this baby with pride.  This Little Lamb Belt is made by mymimi and sells for just $16!  I’ll have to scrape my pennies together, but one day, it will be mine!









Oh my GOODNESS, I love sheep.  I want my refrigerator to love sheep, too.  From the same artist, I’d like to get this Jumbo Lamb Friends Magnet Set, just $8. 








This is the piece de resistance of Shana Logic’s fiber friends.  The Sheep Head by Are Age of 555 Design just takes the cake.  I really want this on my wall.  Really, really.  Really.






I hope you enjoyed the Weekly Feature and are willing to peruse the Shana Logic shop for more happy things.  I’m trying to think of a better name than “Weekly Feature”…  I’ll get back to you on that one.


My days are still fuzzy, but the comfort of being back in my own home is such a relief.  Hmmm, Mr. Yarn Bearer had been in charge of the camera the entire trip and I had expected quite a picture show…  However, this is not the case.  I won’t complain, Mr. Yarn Bearer seemed quite busy ensuring my pill schedule, washing my hair, getting me dressed, and catering to my every whim (though there were few as I was hardly audible the first three days).  If you would like to see a lot a of cat pictures (and some of my nephew), you can drop by the Travel Set  in my Flickr.


Knitting suffered much.  I have not been able to knit at all.  The first attempt at knitting left me in a coma two stitches into the fifteen stitch row of the Never Wimpy Wimple from Lace Style.  I woke up an hour later with stitches off the needles and the yarn wrapped my Nintendo DS charger.

I have a feeling that my knitting will be on the back burner for a few days more.  I have a back up plan though.  Before my surgery, I had bumped into a friend from Wild Fibre at Barnes & Nobles.  She had been seeking the new book the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin.  After looking through the charming photographs, I knew that I must posses this book.  I couldn’t pick it up at the time, but hopefully soon, this book will be a new addition to my library. 

Were you waiting for something?

Oh yes!  I’m sure you are all dying to know the winner of the contest…

Congratulations to thekidneybean!  I will be emailing you shortly for your shipping information. 

Thank you, everyone, who participated.  Hopefully, there will be many more contests in the future (because, you know, it’s always nice to brighten someone’s day).

I actually have much to say and lots of pictures of the recent trip, our anniversary, and my surgery, but the mixture of Hydrocodone, Valium, and antibiotics doesn’t make for good blogging (it’s hard enough trying to focus on the keyboard… and it’s taking over twenty minutes to type a few short sentences).  Ta for now!


Good evening to all and I hope that you’re feeling as good as I am right now (sans Valium, however).  The surgery went well and I’m walking around and not in too much pain (comparable to pulling a muscle or shin splints, which seem worse, actually).

In case you’re curious, I chose to have my breast augmentation at Hedden Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama (I’ve known several people who had highly recommended their practice and I can certainly see why, and the price difference… only $3,300 for a breast augmentation where as most everyone else in Savannah was upwards of $5,600).  The staff were amazing and the Anesthesiologist was quite a funny guy and extremely personable.

Excuse me if I’m rambling or my writing skills seem to be in decline.  My words do not seem to come together as readily as usual.   I just wanted to check in with you, my friends, and enjoy viewing all of the suggestions for the Witching Hour yarn up for grabs.  I feel that whomever the lucky winner is will make an amazing work of art.  I also hope that this “contest” will inspire others to make the projects that they had selected.  With so many beautiful yarns out in this world, beautiful projects are bound to come from the lovely readers of this blog.  Thank you and I’ll update when I make my way back into Savannah.  Ta!  And happy knitting.