Good evening to all and I hope that you’re feeling as good as I am right now (sans Valium, however).  The surgery went well and I’m walking around and not in too much pain (comparable to pulling a muscle or shin splints, which seem worse, actually).

In case you’re curious, I chose to have my breast augmentation at Hedden Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama (I’ve known several people who had highly recommended their practice and I can certainly see why, and the price difference… only $3,300 for a breast augmentation where as most everyone else in Savannah was upwards of $5,600).  The staff were amazing and the Anesthesiologist was quite a funny guy and extremely personable.

Excuse me if I’m rambling or my writing skills seem to be in decline.  My words do not seem to come together as readily as usual.   I just wanted to check in with you, my friends, and enjoy viewing all of the suggestions for the Witching Hour yarn up for grabs.  I feel that whomever the lucky winner is will make an amazing work of art.  I also hope that this “contest” will inspire others to make the projects that they had selected.  With so many beautiful yarns out in this world, beautiful projects are bound to come from the lovely readers of this blog.  Thank you and I’ll update when I make my way back into Savannah.  Ta!  And happy knitting.


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