Weekly Features

I’m going to make an attempt at sharing some of my internet treasure hunts in a regular weekly post.  The blog could use a little more flavor and to make it extra interesting, the items will try to stay craft related, but not of the craft supply persuasion.  I would also like to make a point that the finds may not always be on the internet, but occasionally a Savannah original (though, hopefully, available online as well).

Onward!  To the very first Weekly Feature (breaks bottle of champagne on laptop… followed by an “Oh shit!”).

I love Shana Logic.  The prices are reasonable and the goodies are hand made, such a bonus these days.  There are some knit and crochet items available for purchase, but the real finds are these:




Don’t you love it?  Fiber fanatics should sport this baby with pride.  This Little Lamb Belt is made by mymimi and sells for just $16!  I’ll have to scrape my pennies together, but one day, it will be mine!









Oh my GOODNESS, I love sheep.  I want my refrigerator to love sheep, too.  From the same artist, I’d like to get this Jumbo Lamb Friends Magnet Set, just $8. 








This is the piece de resistance of Shana Logic’s fiber friends.  The Sheep Head by Are Age of 555 Design just takes the cake.  I really want this on my wall.  Really, really.  Really.






I hope you enjoyed the Weekly Feature and are willing to peruse the Shana Logic shop for more happy things.  I’m trying to think of a better name than “Weekly Feature”…  I’ll get back to you on that one.


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