Not Forgotten

I realized, this morning, that I had declared a weekly highlight just last week.  I’m excited to show you Louise Black!

This Etsy shop has been getting so wildly popular that the items disappear almost as soon as they are posted.  I’ve always been a fan of the Victorian and Edwardian fashion eras, especially those with dark and macabre features. 

I covet the corsets, which are sold out at the moment, but check out her Items Sold and you’ll see what kind of talent we’re dealing with here.  Do enjoy.

If you’re wondering about my knitting life, it’s picking back up.  I hate that I haven’t completed anything in over a month (and this year started out so well, knit-wise).  Being just over two weeks post-op, my mobility is still limited and there’s a bit of discomfort at times (usually at night, the key is have lots of pillows).  I hope to show you a finished something very soon.

I’m looking forward to the little projects that will be turning out in May.  So many ideas, the urge to make them now is overwhelming, but I’ll try to hold out! 


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