A Finished Something

Mr. Yarn Bearer surprised me yesterday with a copy of the Alabama Stitch Book.  I had always been taught to finish my sewing with neat and clean edges; thankfully, Natalie Chanin seems to have a “F&#% that” attitude toward those.  Sewing goes a lot faster when you don’t have to clean up your messes.  I’m so loving this book.

I finished this in just under two hours.  Cutting out the pattern pieces took longer than the actual seaming (love the seams, by the way).  Mr. Yarn Bearer had been going through his side of the closet just the other day, we both have quite a collection of band t-shirts, and now I have quite a large “soon-to-be corset” pile by my sewing machine.  This pattern will be great for Make-A-Day May.

The shirt I picked for this first corset originally read “I’m A Whore For Cheap Sex.”  I love that shirt (good band, too).  You can still kind of make out the “whore” and “sex,” which makes this a good concert-going shirt.  I always thought it was tacky to wear a band shirt to a different band’s show (or any band shirt in general, really), but now I can get away with it because 1) It’s hand made and 2) It’s hard to make out the original image/lettering. 

For those interested in doing this pattern, I made an XS and for that, you need at least a size M t-shirt to cut out all of the pattern pieces (that’s if you plan on using only one shirt for the project).  And if you don’t have a plethora of band tees at your disposal, check out Hot Topic stores (they always have huge stacks of tees on sale, look toward the back) and, of course, Machete MFG (where we get most of our shirts, check out the clearance page).

I usually don’t bring up my punky roots here, but I have to say, I’m loving Rancid’s B Sides and C Sides.  The very first time I heard Rancid was in the seventh grade and the song was “I Wanna Riot.”  When I heard it again, just yesterday, the lyrics came back in a flash and Wee One and I were moshing in the living room.  Let me tell you, Wee One is going to be quite a mosh pit type chick when she’s older.  If she’s not the one to start it, Wee One will be the first chick to jump into the pit. 

Now go throw some bricks.


2 thoughts on “A Finished Something

  1. Hey, girl ~ You Rock!! Not only is that an awesome tee, but you are also fillin’ it out quite nicely. Love your new, er, STYLE!!!

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