At the Market

I’m ashamed that I don’t have my own photos of Savannah’s famed Paris Market & Brocanteon Broughton Street, but I’ll try to remedy that later this week.  You can skip over to their website for a preview, however, those in the area or plan to visit will find that walking into this shop leaves one with a sense of awe. 

So much eyecandy to behold, but I can only afford the little luxuries they have to offer.  Their decor and home goods are inspiring, but be sure to keep your eye out for the little things, like the little mixed bags of vintage beads and charms.  There are usually exotic trinkets around the checkout area and don’t forget to go below deck for the charming furniture and accessories.

I’ll try to get down there this week for a little photo show.

So, tomorrow begins the big Make-A-Day May project.  I’m excited to get started on the little things backing up in my brains!  Be sure to check in for a new treasure everyday in May! 


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