Rock this Bag

It’s time for another give away, but not yarn this time.  We can never have too many knitting/crochet bags, right?  I can’t, I have four (or maybe there’s five…) and I do like to switch them out on occasion. 

We actually have a “sponsor” of sorts, this time around.  Underground Clothing, Co. has generously donated one of their awesome desert rose messenger bags (that happen to make really awesome knitting bags).  I like them because they don’t snag your knitting and are rather roomy, comfortably accommodating 14″ straight needles (that’s always a bonus).  They remind me of the mobile knit pouches, only larger, as you can pull out your knitting anywhere with the yarn ball safely tucked inside.

What do you need to do?  Tell me what kind of knitting you’ll be taking on your summer travels.  Not traveling?  Tell us what you’ve got planned for your summer knitting, just reply to this post and a winner will be selected on June 10th, 2008.  Good luck!

*I’m glad so many people like the bag and of course crocheters, spinners, and any other crafters out there are welcome to participate.

Jackie had asked what I’m knitting this summer and I’ve got a few things that, hopefully, will benefit my summer wardrobe.  At the moment, I’m designing a beach cover up and a child’s vest in Rowan Denim.  I also started the Featherweight Lingerie Dress and Never Wimpy Wimple from Lace Style and my fingers are itching to knit a pair of socks (maybe something from Folk Socks).  My Ravelry queue has been lurking in the back of my mind, including the Ballerina Tank and Rita Mae.  Savannah is so warm for most of the year, it would really be to my advantage to knit some lighter garments.


Gypsy Swallowtail Shawl

After a long weekend of beach bumming and pool side diversion, I’m surprised that I actually finished a project.  Honestly, making the Swallowtail Shawl was not nearly as fun as I had hoped it would have been.  The results are fantastic, however, the process was just a little monotonous for my tastes.  But here she is…


Start:  March 25, 2008

Finished:  May 27, 2008 (This was another pre-op knitting nervosa episode)

Pattern:  Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark (Interweave Knits Fall 2006 and available on Interweave Knits’ and the designer’s websites)

Yarns:  Schaefer Yarns Laurel in colorway Catherine the Great (which is also my hero, wee) and Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic II in Black

Needles:  US 7 36″ circular

Mods:  Nadda

Mr. Yarn Bearer calls this one my “gypsy” shawl because of the colors, which he likes.  I like them, too, but the Laurel only comes in 400 yard hanks and I knew I’d run out toward the end.  Thankfully, there was a single skein of the Cotton Classic II in my stash and I really think that this project looks better with the black edging.  I almost skipped the Lily of the Valley chart 2 to conserve yarn, but I’m glad I just went with it.

Speaking of the Lily of the Valley charts, those were vexing.  Not in a difficult sort of way, but in the heavily mercerized cotton not being at all springy sort of way.  I had to replace the p5tog with a sl 4, k1, psso, which holds a close resemblance.  I’ll live.

I do love this pattern with the worsted weight yarns instead of lace.  And the cotton will more use, here in Savannah, than wool or alpaca ever would.  This would actually be a very lovely beach cover-up, wrapped around the waist, I’ll let you know how that works out.


This is long overdue.  I started the Girl’s Games Sweater back in March before I knew I’d be getting my breast augmentation.  When the operation was scheduled, I experienced some sort of anticipation-knitting episode and starting casting on project after project.  I wish I had stuck to the sweater, it would have been finished ages ago.  Well, enough woe, here the finished Girl’s Games Sweater from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Little Cherubs.

Yarn:  Baruffa Cashwool in Pale Blue, two skeins held together (with plenty left over)

Needles:  US 1 & 2

Size:  Largest (about 4T)

Mods:  Faux pockets, knitted in the round until the armhole shaping, used US 2s instead of US 3s for body.

The sweater is so soft and luxurous.  I love the Cashwool doubled, very squishy in a good way.  There’s enough yarn left over that I’ll be making the Featherlight Lingerie Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick (found in Lace Style) for myself.  Mmmm, sumptuous.

Here we go

Now that I’ve passed my six week post-op, I’m running again.  It feels so good to get back to my old routine, I’ve been doing this all week…

But with just the one treadmill.  I’m finishing up the Girl’s Games Sweater.  All that is left is sewing on the sleeves and adding the collar.  You don’t know how happy I am to have this finished.  I hope to have pictures for you early next week. 

Present Parade

Wee!  My gifts are here!  Thank you, Mr. Yarn Bearer, this is better than Christmas.  Thankfully, I only had to give birth once to get this kind of gratitude (because I’m not going through that again).

Here’s the Mini Record Earrings, the Handcuff Necklace, and matching bracelet.

And the Jellyfish Earrings…


And this one isn’t exactly for me, but it’s awesome nonetheless.  We got the Octonauts poster for Wee One’s bedroom.  I’ve finally made up my mind, her room is going to be decorated based on this one poster. 

Isn’t it great?!  Wee One loves the beach and has a weird fascination with jellyfish.  It seemed fitting.  Yeah for Shana Logic… and Mother’s Day… and Mr. Yarn Bearer!

Back to projects…  I’ve been bad.  I started another beaded tunic… BUT it’s just so much darn fun to make!  Maybe “small” just isn’t my thang, but I’ll see this through.  I’m just sorry there won’t be thirty-one projects by the end of May, but I wouldn’t even have this many if I had just stuck to my usual routine.  Later!

May 11 & 12

I still feel like death warmed over, and over, and over…  But we’re all working though it.  Nothing like a Man Cold on Mother’s Day. 

I have a feeling that I’ll have this runny nose for the next two weeks, argh.  A small project was finished yesterday, presenting the White on White Hair Pin.

Simple, but makes for a lovely hair accessory.  For today, I made this drinking glass cozy from Pierrot.  It makes me want to make some lemonade, only, I’m too lazy to go to the store at the moment.  Unfortunately, here’s a shot of me ripping it out because all of my cups and glasses are way too big.

Back to Mother’s Day.  Mr. Yarn Bearer had made a valiant attempt at choosing gifts from Shana Logic, but ended up giving a generous gift card instead.  When the goodies arrive, I’ll be sure to throw together a picture show.  Can’t wait!

May 8

Zakka Basket from Pierrot

I made this all kinds of tiny.  Isn’t it cute though?  Single crochet has become very satisfying lately, it reminds me of when I first learned the knit stitch, but was still fumbling around with purl.  Garter stitch never feels quite as rewarding again once you’ve progressed beyond the novice stage, I suppose it’s the same with sc.  I’ll bask in my ignorance for now.  Go me.

Mr. Yarn Bearer brought home a bug and passed it along to me.  Thanks, arse face.  If my project slow down, you can blame him.  Loudly.  Have a lovely weekend (sniffle).

May 6 & 7 (aka, the Black Out)

Once again, my ability to post was put on hold when our modem crapped out.  I spent two hours on the telephone with AT&T to find out that it wasn’t the lines, there were no repairs being made, but the modem had actually died.  Thankfully, they overnighted a new modem and it arrived just after lunch. 

With no time spent on the Internet, I had plenty of time to put forth some effort on one of my own designs, though it turned into a two day project (forgive me, please, I couldn’t help myself).  For some time now, I had a dress in mind.  Something classy and causal, easily transforming from day to evening wear, I just didn’t know how I was going to go about it. 

The Alabama Stitch Book proved to be very inspiring.  At first, it was just some cut up t-shirts, then the reverse applique spoke to me, and then beads started looking pretty nifty.  I chopped and sewed and beaded for hours.  After putting it together, I realized this didn’t want to be a dress… it wanted to be a tunic.  A very sparkly, spunky tunic.  Here she is…

I’m taken aback by this, I truly adore it even though it is a bit maternity-esque and I went a little crazy with the V neck (but that just means that I get to make something to cover it).  The design is my own, but the leaf stencil is from the Alabama Stitch Book, which, again, has inspired me to design my own template for the next one (maybe it’s just Savannah, I’m thinking Live Oaks sans chiggers, yeeeah). 

There’s tweaking to be done, I know, but we’ll call this the first prototype.

May 4 & Cinco

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I did finish a May 4th project, but it was nearly midnight before I realized I hadn’t posted yet.  Here’s May 4, another T-shirt Corset from the Alabama Stitch Book:

This had originally been a God Awfuls tee, but Mr. Yarn Bearer tossed it on the recon pile due to a stain (which was cut out, wee). 

For May 5, I finally conquered crocheting in the round.  Mr. Yarn Bearer felt the need to spoil me over the weekend with another book(hey, I’m easy).  Wee One needed a Cthulhu to play with and my attempts at capturing one in the wild have been fruitless.  The Creepy Cute Crochet book not only has the Cthulhu pattern, but also a monkey, zombies, and a ninja.  Wee One will have her own army of minions in no time!

I just used some scrap yarn and was lacking eyes, so I embroidered them with more yarn. 

May 3

Crocheted Ring from the Purl Bee.

Spicy, eh?  The Purl Bee posted this project journal this morning.  I’m not at all interested in the Treasure Locket, but the ring was cute, perfect project if you only have about half an hour to spare. 

The pepper bead is big, is it not?  I found nearly fifty of them at the bead shop in Savannah’s Starland district.  My ultimate goal is to make a triangle shawl with these peppers dangling from the wide, cast off edge.  I’ve already singled out the Malabrigo Lace in the Vaa or Verdes colorways. 

Does the beach wear you out, too?  Oh, yes, that’s right.  Today was the first lovely beach day of the season.  I tried out my new bikini, however, it did not get wet.  The water is still a chilly 70 degrees (hey, that’s chilly for me), but Wee One dove in and swam about without the slightest shiver.  She gets that from Mr. Yarn Bearer’s side.