May 2

Embroidered Portrait.

I’m very pleased with how this came out.  With much inspiration from Theodesign, I free handed this little number onto some scrap fabric.  Even though it is still on the hoop, I am finished with this project, I just need to figure a way to display it.  I was thinking simple, like in the same manner as the Swatch Portraits from the Purl Bee.  However, I have no spare, wooden embroidery hoops.  The next time I’m at the store, I’ll grab some. 

This post came later in the day, it would have been up earlier, but I had a wonderful day out with my entourage horde posse companions, SavannahKay and Kniterally Speaking.  Java at the Gallery Espresso on Bull Street and knitting, a good time was had by all.  Later.


5 thoughts on “May 2

  1. I wandered over here through WordPress’s Tag Surfer feature and just had to comment on your embroidery. It’s beautiful! Very sad… but in a lovely way.

    You know… I’m thinking you could probably get a lot of commissioned work if you were available to embroider portraits like that from photos people send you. Hmm… 😀

    Off to poke around the rest of your blog a wee bit.

  2. Had a great time with you, too! Then I went over to @home and spent an entire hour poking around and buying ribbons. We should do the “ladies who lunch” thing more often! (And I love your embroidered portrait ~ izzat you?)

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