May 3

Crocheted Ring from the Purl Bee.

Spicy, eh?  The Purl Bee posted this project journal this morning.  I’m not at all interested in the Treasure Locket, but the ring was cute, perfect project if you only have about half an hour to spare. 

The pepper bead is big, is it not?  I found nearly fifty of them at the bead shop in Savannah’s Starland district.  My ultimate goal is to make a triangle shawl with these peppers dangling from the wide, cast off edge.  I’ve already singled out the Malabrigo Lace in the Vaa or Verdes colorways. 

Does the beach wear you out, too?  Oh, yes, that’s right.  Today was the first lovely beach day of the season.  I tried out my new bikini, however, it did not get wet.  The water is still a chilly 70 degrees (hey, that’s chilly for me), but Wee One dove in and swam about without the slightest shiver.  She gets that from Mr. Yarn Bearer’s side. 


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