May 4 & Cinco

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I did finish a May 4th project, but it was nearly midnight before I realized I hadn’t posted yet.  Here’s May 4, another T-shirt Corset from the Alabama Stitch Book:

This had originally been a God Awfuls tee, but Mr. Yarn Bearer tossed it on the recon pile due to a stain (which was cut out, wee). 

For May 5, I finally conquered crocheting in the round.  Mr. Yarn Bearer felt the need to spoil me over the weekend with another book(hey, I’m easy).  Wee One needed a Cthulhu to play with and my attempts at capturing one in the wild have been fruitless.  The Creepy Cute Crochet book not only has the Cthulhu pattern, but also a monkey, zombies, and a ninja.  Wee One will have her own army of minions in no time!

I just used some scrap yarn and was lacking eyes, so I embroidered them with more yarn. 


4 thoughts on “May 4 & Cinco

  1. I don’t sew but when I saw you first t-shirt corset I had to take a look at the book when I was at the bookstore and I am thinking that I may have to learn how to sew just because of that book. I like almost everything in it. So that could be my next hobby! Thanks so much for showing the corset you made out of it!

  2. Well thank you so much! The book recommends sewing everything by hand, so there’s no need to run out and get a sewing machine if you don’t already have one. Good for you for branching out.

  3. I like your recon! I saw it on craftster, but I don’t have an account yet, I’m still lurking…. Might I ask where you got the shirt before you fixed it? I’ve never been able to find a God Awfuls shirt anywhere, or anyone who knows who they are for that matter….

  4. Thanks, I get a lot of our Tees from Check out the sale page and their 3 for $15 deals.

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