May 6 & 7 (aka, the Black Out)

Once again, my ability to post was put on hold when our modem crapped out.  I spent two hours on the telephone with AT&T to find out that it wasn’t the lines, there were no repairs being made, but the modem had actually died.  Thankfully, they overnighted a new modem and it arrived just after lunch. 

With no time spent on the Internet, I had plenty of time to put forth some effort on one of my own designs, though it turned into a two day project (forgive me, please, I couldn’t help myself).  For some time now, I had a dress in mind.  Something classy and causal, easily transforming from day to evening wear, I just didn’t know how I was going to go about it. 

The Alabama Stitch Book proved to be very inspiring.  At first, it was just some cut up t-shirts, then the reverse applique spoke to me, and then beads started looking pretty nifty.  I chopped and sewed and beaded for hours.  After putting it together, I realized this didn’t want to be a dress… it wanted to be a tunic.  A very sparkly, spunky tunic.  Here she is…

I’m taken aback by this, I truly adore it even though it is a bit maternity-esque and I went a little crazy with the V neck (but that just means that I get to make something to cover it).  The design is my own, but the leaf stencil is from the Alabama Stitch Book, which, again, has inspired me to design my own template for the next one (maybe it’s just Savannah, I’m thinking Live Oaks sans chiggers, yeeeah). 

There’s tweaking to be done, I know, but we’ll call this the first prototype.


4 thoughts on “May 6 & 7 (aka, the Black Out)

  1. Kayla,
    You absolutely ROCK!! That is so impressive and beautiful and creative and wonderful. I want the pattern to make one for myself. May I suggest, for something to go in that V, a bit of CROCHET work? (Nice job on the little basket, too.) We will make a crocheter of you yet.

  2. Thanks everyone! And Kay, that can be your first sewing project (whenever Julia teaching you how to use that sewing machine). I’d be glad to help you out, too, there’s much more crochet I must learn… Tee hee.

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