May 11 & 12

I still feel like death warmed over, and over, and over…  But we’re all working though it.  Nothing like a Man Cold on Mother’s Day. 

I have a feeling that I’ll have this runny nose for the next two weeks, argh.  A small project was finished yesterday, presenting the White on White Hair Pin.

Simple, but makes for a lovely hair accessory.  For today, I made this drinking glass cozy from Pierrot.  It makes me want to make some lemonade, only, I’m too lazy to go to the store at the moment.  Unfortunately, here’s a shot of me ripping it out because all of my cups and glasses are way too big.

Back to Mother’s Day.  Mr. Yarn Bearer had made a valiant attempt at choosing gifts from Shana Logic, but ended up giving a generous gift card instead.  When the goodies arrive, I’ll be sure to throw together a picture show.  Can’t wait!


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