Present Parade

Wee!  My gifts are here!  Thank you, Mr. Yarn Bearer, this is better than Christmas.  Thankfully, I only had to give birth once to get this kind of gratitude (because I’m not going through that again).

Here’s the Mini Record Earrings, the Handcuff Necklace, and matching bracelet.

And the Jellyfish Earrings…


And this one isn’t exactly for me, but it’s awesome nonetheless.  We got the Octonauts poster for Wee One’s bedroom.  I’ve finally made up my mind, her room is going to be decorated based on this one poster. 

Isn’t it great?!  Wee One loves the beach and has a weird fascination with jellyfish.  It seemed fitting.  Yeah for Shana Logic… and Mother’s Day… and Mr. Yarn Bearer!

Back to projects…  I’ve been bad.  I started another beaded tunic… BUT it’s just so much darn fun to make!  Maybe “small” just isn’t my thang, but I’ll see this through.  I’m just sorry there won’t be thirty-one projects by the end of May, but I wouldn’t even have this many if I had just stuck to my usual routine.  Later!


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