This is long overdue.  I started the Girl’s Games Sweater back in March before I knew I’d be getting my breast augmentation.  When the operation was scheduled, I experienced some sort of anticipation-knitting episode and starting casting on project after project.  I wish I had stuck to the sweater, it would have been finished ages ago.  Well, enough woe, here the finished Girl’s Games Sweater from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Little Cherubs.

Yarn:  Baruffa Cashwool in Pale Blue, two skeins held together (with plenty left over)

Needles:  US 1 & 2

Size:  Largest (about 4T)

Mods:  Faux pockets, knitted in the round until the armhole shaping, used US 2s instead of US 3s for body.

The sweater is so soft and luxurous.  I love the Cashwool doubled, very squishy in a good way.  There’s enough yarn left over that I’ll be making the Featherlight Lingerie Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick (found in Lace Style) for myself.  Mmmm, sumptuous.


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