Rock this Bag

It’s time for another give away, but not yarn this time.  We can never have too many knitting/crochet bags, right?  I can’t, I have four (or maybe there’s five…) and I do like to switch them out on occasion. 

We actually have a “sponsor” of sorts, this time around.  Underground Clothing, Co. has generously donated one of their awesome desert rose messenger bags (that happen to make really awesome knitting bags).  I like them because they don’t snag your knitting and are rather roomy, comfortably accommodating 14″ straight needles (that’s always a bonus).  They remind me of the mobile knit pouches, only larger, as you can pull out your knitting anywhere with the yarn ball safely tucked inside.

What do you need to do?  Tell me what kind of knitting you’ll be taking on your summer travels.  Not traveling?  Tell us what you’ve got planned for your summer knitting, just reply to this post and a winner will be selected on June 10th, 2008.  Good luck!

*I’m glad so many people like the bag and of course crocheters, spinners, and any other crafters out there are welcome to participate.

Jackie had asked what I’m knitting this summer and I’ve got a few things that, hopefully, will benefit my summer wardrobe.  At the moment, I’m designing a beach cover up and a child’s vest in Rowan Denim.  I also started the Featherweight Lingerie Dress and Never Wimpy Wimple from Lace Style and my fingers are itching to knit a pair of socks (maybe something from Folk Socks).  My Ravelry queue has been lurking in the back of my mind, including the Ballerina Tank and Rita Mae.  Savannah is so warm for most of the year, it would really be to my advantage to knit some lighter garments.


108 thoughts on “Rock this Bag

  1. that is just beautiful!!!!!!!!

    thanks for hosting this competition! 🙂
    I am planning on knitting socks, and knitting shawls from the Victorian Lace Today book, for Christmas prezzies!
    thanks again! 🙂

  2. I hope that a crocheter is allowed to join in as well 🙂

    I dont plan on travelling this summer….price of gas and layoff has kinda put the kybosh to that. But that wont stop me from crocheting. I want to start using up some of that yummy sock yarn I have in my stash and make some new socks. And I want to make myself a top. And I plan on frogging a sweater I started….I thought up a better design. But I have to finish the Lotus Bag I started last fall for my D so she stops bugging me about it 🙂

    Thanks for the contest….that bag is awesome!

  3. THis summer I plan on taking road trips. In my travels I will be going to St. Augustine, Florida. Daytona, Florida, to the beach. I will be going to visit some Alpaca farms.

    I am a sock knitter. I can’t lie, so I also joined the Summer of Socks group and will be knitting furiously making as many as possible.

    Oh, and there will be some lace thrown in as well.

  4. I just got back from a Memorial Day roadtrip and I took my socks with me. So it’s primarily socks and scarves for my portable knitting.

    Thanks for the contest!

  5. I’m already in the midst of my summer travels, and I’ve brought mostly hand and foot knitting with me– Red Herring and BMP from Knitty, Tyrolean stockings from IK, Transition Gloves from Shibui, and Very Tehri Armwarmers by Yarnissima. All small but interesting projects that won’t cause me to overheat on the beaches of Spain.

  6. Thanks for the contest!!

    I’m heading to WV this summer (home). I will be taking some socks and the swirl shawl with me. I’ll be teaching mom how to do some colorwork, magic loop, and then the swirl shawl is our KAL together. : )

  7. A sweater, any sweater. I’ve started 4 so far and haven’t finished any of them! So I’m determined to finish at least one before the fall!

  8. Sweet bag!

    This summer, I plan my goal is to complete a lot of unfinished projects – things that need seaming, blocking, felting, or lining (bags). I’ve been doing pretty good so far and finally seamed and blocked my Central Park Hoodie which I finished knitting back in January! For my travels, I will probably bring with me portable projects like socks.

  9. ooo uber pinkness !! And perfect for airline rules 🙂

    Lets see I have some plans to get my knitting done this summer:

    1- Shawl for J’s mom
    2- finally finish the elusive socks on loops ive been struggling with
    3- finish some little ami fellas for work friends
    4- start on a summer top from interweave
    5- finish unfinished blanket
    6- finish unfinished dishcloth and stash eaters

    Yes i know huge ambitions but I am hoping travel time allows me time to actually knit and not have to do housework 🙂

  10. I’ve got a tank top that is taking me far too long to knit. It just went with me to Colorado last weekend and will join me in Wisconsin in August if it’s not done by then. I get utterly bored with it because it is just stockinette and ribbing in the round. It’s great travel knitting, though, because I don’t need to have the pattern out all of the time. Other than that, I’ll bring socks on my journeys….

    Oh, and thanks for the contest! Very cool bag.

  11. Hi – I saw the post on Ravelry, where I am teabird.
    This summer, I’ll be knitting a baby pinwheel blanket and baby hats for a friend, and a shawl for myself. Socks – of course!

  12. Mostly this summer I’m going to be working on the stuff for my wedding at the end of June. I have afghans, clothes, and gift shawls to complete. After that, Christmas gifts.

  13. i’ll be finishing up a hat and scarf that won’t be used til next winter, but whatever. and i’m considering learning crochet! oh, and i need to make a baby hat for a friend’s baby that’s due in july.

    i’d really like to find a good (simple) shawl pattern sometime soon…

  14. Hi, I saw your post on ravelry too. I will be starting that sweater I promised my husband last fall, though I doubt I will take it on my travels. I am also going to knit at least one summer top for me.

  15. oooo, pretty……..
    i’m oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry……

    let’s see, this summer i will be spinning like a fiend……hopefully……..

    and knitting……..i’ve got several WIPs, but want to start a “yorick” scarf from knitty, using the malabrigo in black and fucsia from my BFF………i also wanna knit and felt a basket for using at reenactment events……..
    and prolly plan something using all that yarn i’m spinning!!

    i mostly knit and spin on the road…….so more bags are always a plus!!

  16. Hi! Thanks for the contest! Looks like a great bag.

    I’m not traveling this summer. Actually, I’m waiting for a call back to see if I will be starting a job soon that I interviewed for yesterday.
    I have ambitious plans for knitting this summer. Since my daughter and boyfriend both have birthdays right around Christmas (and then there are other people to knit for for Chirstmas too…), I plan on starting the Christmas and birthday knitting. And of course I have to indulge my new obsession with knitting socks! So far, I have planned:
    2 clapotis
    1 felted bag
    at least 5 pairs of socks (a few are for me)
    2 lace scarves
    3 lace shawls
    And I’m sure that I’ll think of more before I’m through. I think I need to find a way to have more hours in the day, or at least how to get by without sleeping!

  17. What a wonderful way to start the summer!

    I have great plans for my summer knitting; Knitty’s new Tempest in Fleece Artist BFL, Green Gables in Cascade Sienna, and lots of socks (Cherry Tree Hill Potluck, Dream in Colour Smooshy, and BFL leftovers to match my Tempest cardigan).

    Happy knitting to all!

  18. Lovely. I found the post on Ravelry (I’m Kehinde there). This summer I’m taking part in the goddess knits mystery knitalong, so I’ll be knitting a shawl in the round. And fingerless gloves. And socks (lots of socks). And maybe I’ll finally finish Sitcom Chic. Oh, and I have to design and knit a multicolor hat for my video podcast, Knitting Step by Step.

  19. I don’t think I’ll travel much, but I’m planning to finally give the Ice Queen a try, and perhaps find some yarn for the Endpaper mitts. And of course a bunch of cute baby clothing since my aunt is having her first baby any day now!

    Really cool bag, btw!

  20. Ohhhhh! love, Love, LOVE that bag!!! I’m going to be finishing some sock up soon and then I might try a shrug from the 2 balls of pretty deep pink WW wool that I got at Craftstravaganza. And possibly some of those baby hats that look like fruit with the stem on top.

  21. Hi there, I saw this on Ravelry (username- samberg). This summer I’m working on expanding my limited knitting skills, starting with lace. I just started the Lace Ribbon Scarf, and I want to do a Swallowtail shawl as well.

  22. I leave for the mountains in 3 weeks. No internet service, no phone, no cable tv!

    1: I’m working on my first sock now. I’ll need to take the 2nd one with me.
    2: My first sweater. I hope to finish it there (toddler size).
    3: my first lace project. I’m taking a lace scarf class the day before we leave.
    4: Pedicure socks I want to make for my mom.
    5: Something so I can learn to cable. Might just be a swatch.

    The bag is super cute! But you didn’t tell us what was on your vacation list!!!

  23. That does rock…hope it falls into these hands, as they have not been the luckiest at knitting. I am still just learning…trying to make a simple scraf for now.

  24. I plan to knit sweaters for my two toddler girls to actually wear this winter, I’ve made too many things only to try them on the kids and find them too small, so I am planning ahead for once! Also, I want to make some market bags out of cotton or bamboo yarn.

  25. I’m hoping to finish my Icarus shawl in the next week or so, before it gets too hot to work on it. Then it’ll be socks, socks, and more socks all summer. Good thing I’m in the Summer of Socks KAL!

  26. Oh, one can never have enough knitting bags. I’ll be taking all my fall projects with me on summer vacation. I working on a Callie Cardigan and my daughter wants a Starsky Jr for school this fall.

  27. I’ll be spending a week on Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York! I’ll be taking along socks, of course, and the Print of the Waves Stole!

    Beautiful bag!

  28. Love this bag! I sooo need a decent knitting bag, all I have now is my tote from Barnes and it has Pointsettias on it! I am knitting some custom hats from the MarioKart game. I found one pattern for a Chain Chomp hat and I am creating another one for the man-eating plant hat! My hubby loves to wear my strange hat creations and I am totally wanting to surprise him with these!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this killer bag!

  29. definitely socks. i fly and usually take lots of work with me so i don’t have much room for fiber! sad, but i get lots of cool, easy socks done! thanks for the contest! xo

  30. Thanks for hosting the contest! The bag is very cute. What a fun idea.

    No travels this summer, maybe Ohio in the early fall. But lotsa socks, a shawl, finishing up a sweater, some tanks, some vests. Sheesh! I am exhausted thinking about it! LOL

  31. Hi! Love the bag! 🙂
    For my summer knitting, I am making the waterlily tank out of katia denim, the Josephine top out of recycled cotton blend, and I am getting some elann pasticcio in the mail and will be making an undetermined tank top out of it, too! After that, I have both the Tyrolean Stockings and Tubey to finish. (Both in woolease.) I hope to get those both done before it gets cold!
    (ravelry: ksknitchic)

  32. Summer knitting includes socks, a hoodie of some sort – still trying to pick the pattern, some wash cloths, two pairs of toddler socks, knucks for Kelly, and a chicken viking hat – adult sized, in zombie colors?.

    I look like I’m moving in when I go for knit nite gatherings. You can never have too many knitting bags.

    Now if I can be the really cool guy with the pink messanger bag that will ROCK!


  33. I am a prolific weaver and spinner, which mean that pretty much anywhere I go I have a loom, yarn, roving, and a drop spindle with me, plus books, because you never know when you are going to have to stand in line. I really need a good way to move my stuff around. Right now, everything but my loom travels in plastic bags, which means 0 organization. And c’mon, don’t you want to see a guy carrying a pink bag?

    Current projects: Noro and Tofuttsies scarf on the loom, natural color merino on the drop spindle (which got many yards added to it at a local baseball game), Nashua Sitar and Nature Spun Sport next on the loom, followed by a laceweight tartan scarf.

  34. I will be working on some summer weight socks, some graduation gifts, and some baby clothing for a girlfriend who is having a baby in the fall.

  35. I’m very pregnant so I won’t be doing any traveling, but my summer knitting right now consists of finishing up a baby sweater and cap for my soon to be newborn as well as a sweater for my son that I need to get done before he outgrows that size! Plus a million other stuff on the needles! This summer for me is all about what’s already on the needles!

    Thanks for holding a contest!

  36. Iam excitted about this bag it would make a great travel bag:)
    This summer we are suppose to go see the in-laws if my hubby who is airforce is able to get the time off right now he is tdy threw end of june.
    1.Easy Flame Lace Scarf pic’s on my blog of it in progress
    2.Monkey Socks want to do them in Martha’s Vineyard Cherry Tree Hill super sock.
    3.A Ponchette in Iro Noro
    4.Kiri in Cash/merino I bought from stitches west
    I have all the patterns and yarn so looking forward to my summer knitting projects:)Hugs Darcy

  37. I am in the midst of my summer travels and I have a sock and a scarf on the needles. I plan on knitting a lotof lace this summer. That seems to be about all I can manage when the weather gets really hot.

  38. oops i am also for this summer working on a couple of modified patters i modified’s cozy wrap pattern to a scarf and im knitting it out schaeffer anne. its lucious im making a couple of them. and as far as traveling goes i might be making a trip up to ione california wine country. mmm they have great wine

  39. what a great bag, although my daughter might try and swipe it from me! (must check out that website)

    Summer knitting….

    I have a winter pines shawl from Knitspot on the needles as well as a retro intarsia ski sweater..maybe it will be ready by winter! I am trying to make 2-3 market shopping bags and have one almost half finished (started it last night, sadly must go to work today so canot knit!), the new socks that rock will be cast on today/tomorrow and there are a few other pairs of socks waiting (these are my summer travel knitting projects). Also awaiting needles is a vneck drapey sleeve sweater for daughter and i to share and an irish sweater i ordered from ireland in the murphy cable design for hubby. I know i am not the only one to have this many projects in the “works!” Thanks for hosting this comtest, now off to lurk through your site and go check out underground clothing!

  40. I have 2 sisters due in the winter. I am knitting them a pinwheel sweater. It is hot where I live but the sweater looks kinda small. so lap space will not be covered.

  41. Shawls – shawls – shawls! It’s an all shawl summer for me. Forest Canopy Shawl, Violets by the River Shawl, Moonlight Sonata Shawl, Wool Peddlers Shawl, and Icarus! Oh – and one pair of socks – Double Eyelet Rib. Can’t not have a pair of socks in the works!

  42. gorgeous bag!
    this summer we have 2 trips to summer camp (knitting in the car 5 hrs each way), a family cabin sleepover after camp.
    i will be knitting socks, socks and more socks…plus some lace thrown in there for my daughter’s upcoming bat mitzvah in january.
    you want specifics? well rivendell socks, marie antoinette socks (knit spot) a few of my own designs….find me on ravelry for details.
    the lace will depend on the girl…if she could pick one design, it would be lovely

  43. A summer hiking trip is in the works but not ironed out yet. Of course the yarn goes on the trail. What to take?

    The beginnings of a reversibly cabled scarf for a friend in Chicago, one of two different baby sweaters I’m working on, or perhaps a lace scarf. Small and light for the trail: Sorry Lopi sweater… you stay home for the summer!

  44. This summer I’m going to make Monkey socks, Shockwave socks, conwy socks from knitting on the road, and synesthesia socks. Also I want to make the Mrs. Darcy cardigan.

  45. That is such a nice color. I am knitting some light weight summer fashion scaves and doing my baby hats for the hospital

  46. Wow–very nice.

    I’m hoping that my first pair of socks made with Socks that Rock will be done by fall. I’ll be working on it this summer.

    I know that sounds like a very unambitious project, but I have a very busy toddler, a job, and a house to take care of, so I think that’s a pretty reasonable challenge.

    They are a gift, so if i ever finish them I’m making something for me–probably another pair of socks. I love this yarn.

  47. Love that bag. Hope I am lucky with the contest

    Knitting summerly:

    June: cowls.
    July: ? charity month. Use leftovers for baby hats/blankets
    (thining small here, while the Chicago weather really heats up)
    August: socks ……

  48. I am going to be knitting ‘GREEN’ this summer. I am making market bags and toys. No plastic for my loved ones – not even my grandbabies. I am loving it. I am also making more socks than should be allowed.

  49. My fellow teachers all think I’m crazy. They say “What are your summer plans?” I say “I’m knitting the Nativity!” They look confused. I say “You know baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepards, angels, kings, donkeys……” They say “Huh….” Then they find an excuse to move on. This has helped me end some very boring conversations! No joke though. I have almost finished Mary and Baby Jesus and I’ve started Joseph. The pattern is Alan Dart’s Nativity and I’ve been planning this project for a year now. I’m using size 0 needles and knitpicks fingering weight yarn which makes this a light weight and interesting project for watching the kids at the pool.

  50. For me it’s sleeves. I’ve got two sweaters just waiting for sleeves. One because it’ll be too small, so I’m until I meet someone the right size who wants it… The other, well, I just lost the mojo mid-sleeve. All I have to do is join a new ball of yarn and start knitting, but there it sits. I also have a sweater that I decided at the last minute to leave sleeveless. I added an inch of ribbing and called it a vest. I’m still considering reconsidering that decision.

  51. I love it!! It is amazing!!
    I will be knitting lots of beautiful facial scrubbies for my family and friends, as well as hopefully some projects from my ravelry queue

  52. I’ve been learning to spin and I’d like to spend the summer knitting small projects from my handspun to give as Christmas gifts this year. I’m thinking little things like drawstring bags and such, because most of my family members do not enjoy wearing wool.

  53. I’m planning on knitting a Juliet sweater for myself and socks, socks, and more socks 🙂

    If I like the Juliet I may make one for a friend that lives in Seattle.

  54. I don’t get to do any travelling this summer, aside from the weekend camping trips. I am working on Adamas Shawl by Miriam Felton and the Peacock Shawl by Fiddlesticks. I have yet to finish any lace so wish me luck. 🙂

  55. Gorgeous bag!

    I’m planning to knit some things for myself this summer! I would really like a pair of socks, and I want to work on the cable down raglan to wear in fall and winter.

    I’ll also be working on the neverending stream of baby gifts, everyone keeps reproducing, plus some small christmas gifts for family – I’ll be busy!

  56. I am not planning much travel this summer but I am planning on knitting!I joined Summer of Socks so I think mainly I will be knitting socks.Love the bag.Would love to own it!

  57. I actually don’t have a terrible lot planned for summer knitting but I am making the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl from a Gathering of Lace (in silk, inspired by the Eunny Jang knitting olympics version), and finishing a SWTC Karaoke fair isle hat, and probably knitting tons of socks past that. Or perhaps the feather and fan shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I have some Dream in Color Baby waiting to be used.

  58. No traveling planned this summer – money’s too tight to travel conveniently with two small children.

    I do have two baby blankets to make, plus a hat, some socks, and a pair of Fetchings for my sister’s BF. Oh, and lest I should forget I am going to be knitting an intarsia portrait of Patrick Stewart for my dad’s 60th birthday.

  59. What a neat bag and contest! This is a summer of odds and ends knitting. I have already started finishing some half done projects (a pair of baby socks that is almost done, a pair of socks for myself that is still missing one sock, and a few other unfinished items). I also plan to knit a Tae Kwon Do bear for a friend (a white teddy bear wearing a black belt for martial arts). I’m not 100% sure that will be done. I will start some Christmas stockings for Christmas presents. And my NYC Vacation project will be a pair of socks for my partner that I ripped out and never re-CO. I’m thinking of CO Tech Guy socks instead of the original plan which was just a pair of blue socks with gray heels and toes.

  60. What a cute bag!

    Summer Knitting List…

    -Socks: Basketweave (wip), Flutter-by, Mad Color Weave, Monkey (again… might try the no-purl this time), Nutkin. Using Sockotta, Knit Picks Palette, Araucania Ranco, handspun

    -Bags: The Sweater Bag (wip), Percy, and a few others. Various yarns.

    -Clapotis from Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk (for my wedding that’s like a million years away (2010))

    As for travel knitting… don’t plan on travelling, but if I was I would take anything that could be stuffed into a bag. I think everything is travel knitting.

  61. I am working on 2 shawls and numerous baby blankets for babies arriving this summer… I took a BSJ and a shawl on a trip to Australia and the smaller shawl will be going with me on other trips this summer… I like baby stuff and non wool stuff for summer knitting… not as hot!! The bag is awesome by the way! Gorgeous!

  62. I just got back from visiting Ohio and Indiana and took my hats with me! I’ll be knitting numerous hats this summer as part of a charity project (hopefully 50 by the time summer is over–WOAH!) I also want to do the Knitting Olympics in August and, after that…who knows! ❤ the bag, by the way!

  63. Love the color!
    I’ll be taking socks on road trips. I want to start making stranded socks. Thinking about Think Outside the Sox contest.
    And I just started spinning on a spindle, so that will be coming along, too.

  64. I am hoping to get a head start on my christmas gifts. I want to make market type string bags for everyone on my list to help keep plastic out of the landfills. Jill

  65. that bag is gorgeous! i’ll be taking some titbits with me to summer camp, i’m knitting them for charity, and then some socks with me for my other travels

  66. Ooo! A knitting bag, I don’t have one yet.

    For summer I’ll be knitting, a hat a friend of mine designed, a stuffed toy, sweater vest for a stuffed toy that I designed, finish my dads over sock to go with the one I gave him on Christmas and get started on my winter knitting ’cause I knit really slowly.

  67. Rav-name: neonwildflower

    I sadly have no plans to go anywhere, except possibly to Canada’s Wonderland. However the knitting is to keep me from being horribly depressed that I’m not going anywhere. I’m finishing up my first pair of socks, then I’m going to start a baby blanket for a friend who’s expecting in the fall… then make two MORE blankets, and possibly some layette stuff (three people all expecting in October-November!!!). I also want to make a cabled purse, because I was given bamboo handles that are crying for use.

    That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see where pretty yarn and pattern-ADD take me.

  68. That bag is really gorgeous! Thanks for having this contest and for mentioning it on Ravelry.

    I’m a crocheter with a few road trips planned and I’m going to make a Philosopher’s Coat this summer as well as get started on some small gifts for Christmas.

  69. I am knitting summer hats to keep the sun off! And I hope to cast on the Razor Cami, which has been in my Ravelry queue forever.

  70. Unfortunately my summer knitting isn’t a summer knit, it’s a design for the winter issue of a magazine so it’s a wool pullover for me! But it does have the obvious benefit of getting paid. ;o) Once I finish that I’m going to try and find a heavy worsted cotton blend to knit the February Lady Sweater for the Ravelry KAL.

    Great bag!

  71. Yay! I want to join too! What I’ll be knitting this summer.. I’m not really sure yet. I think I want to try to knit a few panties (yes, thats right, panties) 🙂 And I’ve seen a fair isle bag in Interweave knits somewhere so I want to buy the magazine and knit that 🙂
    Oh and I want to finish my Snow White from Ysolda too.

    Nice to read what you’re all going to knit 🙂

  72. Mostly I knit socks, because they travel so well. I have a couple I’m doing up as gifts for family, and the rest for me. I’m also in the middle of my second ever lace project, but I have to concentrate closely, so its no good for travel. A strictly, too hot to move off the couch, parked in front of the A/C knit. It should fill some quiet evenings while my husband is traveling for work.

  73. Beautiful bag!
    This summer, I’ll be working on two baby blankets for my sister – she’s expecting twins at the end of August. One will be a basketweave patterned blanket and the other will be a crib-sized log cabin blanket. I’ll also be working on my first wrap for myself – the Woodland Shawl from the One Shawl to Bind Them All group at Ravelry. And I’ll be encouraging my daughter in her first projects – washcloths to match the blankets I’m making and a poptart cell phone case for her sister’s birthday.

  74. I have so much stuff I want to knit this summer, it’s scary. I have a pair of socks on the needles, I am planning for the Katherine Hepburn sweater from Lace Style, February Lady sweater, Cherry from my fasionable life, and a few more pairs of socks. And the rose red tam from Ysolda.

  75. I am finishing up a sweater promised to my husband ages ago! Not the ideal summer knitting but it has to be done. I’m also hoping to knit lots of summery clothes for my one year old. Oh and maybe something for me too.

  76. Count me in!

    That bag is loverly and one can never have enough. Much like hand knit sloochy berets!

    This summer I will be working on Christmas gifts, a cardi for my MIL and HATS! Lots and Lots of Hats!!

  77. I have about 8 different WIPs spread out in gallon sized baggies around the house, so I could Definitely use another bag.

  78. Great bag! Knitting a second sock, a wallaby, a mitered square scarf (from a class last week), and want to start a lace shawl( never done one and have the itch).

  79. I love to make stuff but hate it all gathering dust in the house, so I mostly make stuff for friends or for charity. I’m currently knitting for 3 charities, premature babies, young heart patients and hats for sailors. The only travelling I’m doing is going to two weekend Music Festivals, one hippyish one where I can bring my toddler, and one loud, where I will not bring my child. I’m hoping to be doing textile demonstrations at them, so I’m also trying to knit bunting, flags and flowers to decorate my little patch..

  80. Beautiful! This summer I want to start knitting lace. I think I’ll jump right in with the Swallowtail Shawl and decide where to go from there. I also want to make Jeanie(*squeee*) and a pair of socks for myself(to be my second socks ever!)

  81. I’ll be finishing up a shawl design and knitting socks for the Winter, as well as spinning up some lovely Corridale top. Any of those projects would fit nicely in that bag 😉

  82. This summer, I’m going to be knitting socks socks SOCKS!

    I love the finished product, and I really can’t imagine knitting anything else with this heat I’m enduring in good ole TN.

  83. I’m taking the Easy Flame Lace scarf and will probably be attempting the Rivendell socks…. Thanks so much for the give-away!!

  84. Right now I am working on a short sleeved cotton carigan and a shawl. By the time I go back to Amsterdam I hope to have all t hat finished though, and an other rainbow shawl on the needles by than!

  85. This summer I’ll make a shrug and fingerless gloves for DD. She has a new apt, so she needs dishcloths, etc. Brother has a new home & I’m weaving off-loom that will fit in that bag just great!

    thanks for this contest!

  86. Hmmm… We’re not going to be doing much traveling this summer. Not with the price of gas like it is. Eeesh.

    Knitting however, that I will be doing. Aside from finishing my 1st ever pair of socks, I’m going to be making a skull & crossbones sweater for DH for his birthday, finishing the Clapotis for my Grandma’s Christmas present, and making a pair of socks for my mom and my daughter to match mine.

  87. Hi! I will be knitting for various swaps I’m participating in on Ravelry (market bag, coffee cozy, afghan blocks, traveling scarf). My travels will be to Kansas City, Lake Michigan, and Branson, MO to Table Rock Lake. I have an afghan that is almost finished, so I hope to get that completed and knit some dishcloths for my friends and experiment with the patterns from Mason Dixon Knitting.

    Thanks for having this contest!


  88. Howdy!

    this summer I’m crocheting a shawl, knitting some things for my daughter, and learning how to use my new kromski loom to weave. too much fun!!!

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