And the winner is…

Wendymc (comment #70) from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!  I’ll be emailing you for your address momentarily.  Underground Clothing, Co. and I thank everyone who commented, I loved reading about all of your projects.  I’m also glad that I’m not the only thinking about fall knits already (and it’s June, jeepers).

These contests are awesome because I usually go from the comments straight to Ravelry’s pattern pages, you ladies and gents (squee, guys fought for the bag, too!) have greatly increased my Ravelry Queue.  For those who really want the bag, but lucked out this round, you can buy one directly from Underground Clothing, Co. here (just scroll down about mid page), who put them on sale just for this occasion.  Thanks Underground (you should probably start a line of knitting bags, could be the new, hip thang)!

As for the new Little Nelson pattern, I’m still waiting to be activated as a Ravelry shopkeeper, hopefully it will be available soon!


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