I’m feeling ballsy these days, tempted by patterns that scream, “You must commit a full year of your life to me or suffer from everlasting shame!”  Okay, that’s dramatic, BUT I really want to jump into an Alice Starmore sweater, be it for Wee One, Mr. Yarn Bearer or myself.  Perhaps knitting for the Wee One will be less strenuous and cost effective. 

I almost feel like I’ve been spending too much time knitting, almost some.  Our fluffy cat, Tippy, must agree as he is slapping me in the face as I type this (for a cat, he has his high maintenance moments).  I had been so focused on Little Nelson for those eight days, and here I am, about to commit to something even more grand. 

Before I get into a Starmore pattern, Mr. Yarn Bearer actually requested a knitted item from me.  SQUEE!  You must understand, Mr. Yarn Bearer is very much a jeans and tee shirt kind of guy (when not in uniform).  I have always pushed patterns, all different kinds of patterns, onto him, hoping that maybe one would stand out and he might bow down and say, “KAYLA!  Oh, ingenious lady of amazing dexterity, grace me with this (insert pattern category here) so that I might strut my stuff in its fibery goodness!”  That’s how it comes out in my head anyway.

In actuality, it came out more like this:

“You did a good job on Wee One’s vest.”

“Oh!  You like it.  Sweet.”

“I’d like a vest to go with my fedora.”

“REALLY?!  Wait, to go with your fedora?”

The conversation went through so many twists and turns about his fiber preference (he had one?!  ah, apparently cotton being the primary, should have seen that coming) and what cables should go where (he wants them to look like suspenders, but we calls those princess seams, I’ll leave that out of future conversations).  He’s decided on Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece in Charcoal and I’m sketching things up right now to go over the constructs with him tomorrow.  I’ll have to document my journey of collaborative knitting with Mr. Yarn Bearer, should be very irritating satisfying.


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