I haz deranged

You might find this post to be shocking and perverse.

Okay, just breath.

I’m ripping out my finished Bed Jacket from Romantic Handknits.  Excuse me whilst I go vomit.

I had been thinking about for a while, several months at least.  It’s been just over a year since I finished it, yet it had only been worn once.  After that, it was quickly taken off because it was just too warm. 

You see, I started this project before I knew where our new USCG billet would be located.  At the time, we were stationed in Keokuk, Iowa (Worse.  Town.  EVER.), which was quite cold.  Out of Mr. Yarn Bearer’s ten picks, nine of them were located in the northeast (scattered throughout Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut), the very last pick was in the south (Savannah, Georgia).  I was sure I would be needing that bed jacket.

Well, you know how that story ended.  There’s nine hanks of discontinued Farmhouse Yarns’ Silk Spun Cotton in there.  I covet the Silk Spun Cotton and I can’t believe it’s gone, it would be a travesty to let all that precious yarny goodness just waste away in my closet.

I don’t know what I’m going to make with it now, certainly something that can be used often.  I’ll post when the massacre had ended.  I figured I’d at least take pictures with the new camera, just for proof that it once was.  My heart, she is sad.


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