Stuck in the middle

The carnage is over.  It took four days to completely rip out the entire Bed Jacket.  And apparently, I’m really awesome at hiding my ends because it took about twenty minutes just to find the first one.  After all of that, though, I don’t even feel like winding it into a ball (still need ball winder). 

So, with a revived seven skeins of Farmhouse Yarns’ Silk Spun Cotton, I set to work finding a more suitiable pattern.  After much deliberation, I settled on Rowan 42’s Artic.  Of course, the gauge is off so I knocked down the needles to a size US 8 and it seems to be working out. 

The new addition makes three, half completed WIPs in my possession, the others being the Slouchy Cardigan and the Bazaar Socks.  I wish I had a picture of the first finished sock, but it’s been loaned out to Wild Fibre for a display.  This weekend I plan to retrieve it as I’ve lost my color notes and need to refer to the sock. 

I also fell in love with a book that I just can’t seem to get my grubby little hands on.  I found it on Amazon’s Japanese site priced at ¥ 1,050, but the shipping is ¥ 3,000.  Gas prices have really cut into my yarn/book funds, darn it.

August 14th brings my one year bloggiversary.  I don’t know how to celebrate.  I was thinking about upgrading to custom CSS.  New pretty blog, maybe, we’ll see.  August is always a busy month, but even more so this year.  Wee One starts school (OMFG) on August 6th, my birthday is the 17th, and SIL and her boyfriend are visiting on the 21st through the 25th.  I’m dizzy just thinking about it. 

I need to finish all of these projects…


One thought on “Stuck in the middle

  1. I am very sorry for the loss of the Bed Jacket. While I completely understand, the pain still exists.

    Hopefully you will find an equally yummy pattern that you will be able to make up and wear for many many moons.

    Nor Cal

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