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A lot goes into the arrival of an anticipated book, I think.  The knitting books, especially those coming from Hong Kong, cause me to spend a lot of energy just pining for them.  This time, to a degree that my knitting projects have suffered (but I did finish the first sleeve on my mom’s Slouchy Cardigan, so nah). 

Le sigh.  It is here.  And although I can decipher the patterns just fine, I’m considering taking a course in Japanese just because I love their patterns.  I am, in a sense, a knitting dork.  Does anyone know of any Japanese lessons in Savannah?

All of these things want to be mine.

They told me.

Don’t look at me like that.

You should never mock crazy people.  Ever.  And never ever mock crazy knitters. 

I didn’t just sit around this whole time I was absent from the blogiverse.  I jumped back into reading, non knitting related reading.  There were two Alice Hoffman books sitting, untouched, on my bookshelf that needed tending to.  The Ice Queen and Skylight Confessions.  Both of which were really good, but I’m still partial to Practical Magic and The Foretelling.  I know The Foretelling is a meant for younger readers (like, teens, I suppose), but oh the glory that is woman.  We rock.  I insist that Wee One grow up with that book as constant reminder of our awesomeness.

Today, however, I just finished Christopher Moore’s A Dirty Job.  I was in constant giggles, any author who includes “fucktard” in their vocabulary and refers to a select group of women as “fuck puppets” certainly has my approval.  Brava. 

Back to knitting.  We’re all aware of the rising costs of food prices and gas.  Argh.  I have a pretty piddly stash, not much of anything, really.  What is on my needles is what I have and, to my dismay, the new pattern book is going to have to standby for a spell before I can actually jump on those decadent projects.  Maybe, though, one of these days I’ll be able to show you a finished project!


3 thoughts on “Reading, Waiting, Knitting, More Reading

  1. I just finished Bloodsucking Fiends yesterday. I read Dirty Job about a week ago. I wrote to Christopher Moore on his Web site and he wrote back to me. 🙂 And as far as knitting goes…. the red hat is gorgeous. I love that color.

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